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28 November

Online costume jewellery shop

Costume jewellery has always been regarded as a must have accessory for any woman or man. And now it’s even easier with the advent of the internet costume jewellery has never been easier to purchase from online costume jewellery shops. They have been bought by all types of individuals as they are so affordable and can dress up any outfit. Costume jewellery also makes great wedding jewellery too. Costume jewellery has been seen worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton.

Online costume jewellery shops makes shopping easier as no longer have to travel down to your high street on a really busy Saturday just to find that they have nothing you like! In addition, high street prices are generally so much more expensive since that have such high overheads, whereas online costume jewellery and fashion accessory retailers can offer reduced price high quality costume jewellery, including cocktail rings, hair accessories and bridal jewellery, since we have reduced overheads.

Online costume jewellery shops are also safe to buy from. All you have to do is to make sure that the online store offers a secure checkout where you know your card details are safe. A few well known payment carts are; World Pay, PayPal and Protx. Also make sure that the Online Costume Jewellery Shop has a telephone number you can contact them on should you have any problems. You don’t really want to wait for an email reply. Always check their returns policy too just in case you are unhappy with you jewellery. As long as the store has these main points you should feel confident in buying from the store.

If you need any help in buying costume jewellery, or have found somewhere else and are not really sure please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Feel free to browse our extensive range of costume jewellery on our online costume jewellery store, Shefaly | House of Jewels.


26 November

Crystal Brooches

Everyone’s talking about large cocktail rings, statement costume jewellery and hair accessories, but there’s one accessory we here at the House of Jewels love and that’s brooches. We can’t get enough of brooches and what you can wear them with, or without!

Crystal brooches are a must have accessory. A colourful crystal brooch can be pinned to the lapel of your coat to make it look stunning. Or how about wearing a scarf, a real must have accessory for this season, and putting an eye-catching brooch at the end of it?

Many brooches can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace as they have a loop on where a necklace can be threaded through. This can be a dazzling statement jewellery piece. Or even wear it as a hair accessory which can look so dramatic.

Brooches can be a really great Christmas present for any girl too. They really do dazzle under the Christmas tree lights!


24 November

Christmas or winter wedding jewellery

Nowadays there is no longer a wedding season per say- although most couples seem to enjoy having weddings in the summer, Christmas weddings and becoming ever more popular. For this reason, Christmas or winter wedding jewellery can be different to say summer wedding jewellery.

Winter weddings can have all sorts of themes including snowflakes, icicles, and most poplar of all Christmas themed. In a Christmas themed wedding you are likely to chose traditional colours like red and green to match say the Christmas tree, or Santa Claus. So how do you chose jewellery in these colours, especially since at this time of year you are more likely to find fashion jewellery on the high street for Christmas parties or for new years eve parties but not necessarily Christmas wedding jewellery.

If you are looking at wearing a red dress for your winter wedding, why not try gold costume jewellery, which is a great contrast at this time of year. Or if you are trying a traditional white dress why not add a dash or crystal costume jewellery to the outfit.

If you are going for a green themed wedding why not try the gorgeous green chic necklace and earring set, it compliments any outfit. And if you are the guest at such a wedding we have a huge range of green rings or green bracelets that would be great to wear.


Most people have bought this Christmas outfits already, or some may be looking at wearing something they already have in their wardrobe, but whatever you decide to wear to the xmas party or new year’s party, you can make yourself stand out by the costume jewellery you wear.

And just because it’s Xmas doesn’t mean that your Christmas costume jewellery needs not be fashionable. You should still be looking at accessorising your Xmas outfits with statement giant jewels. This is the easiest and cheapest way to accessorise your outfits.

Or why not try adding a bit of colourful costume jewellery to your little black dress- try Swarovski crystal bracelets, or large costume jewellery rings. These pieces of costume jewellery or fashion jewellery can really help your outfit look different to those around you, and his is sure the case if you are wearing an outfit this Christmas that you may have worn before.

Try matching the costume jewellery to your gorgeous new pair of shoes rather than to your handbag or even try not matching it to any of the colours in your outfit as this is a great look seen on the catwalks too.


It can be quiet difficult to find a gift that’s unique yet impressive when it comes to men. You could be something expensive like a new laptop or watch, or how about something not so expensive like a computer game? The problem with such gifts is that you do not know if they will like what you have chosen.

The best away around this is to buy the most important men in your life something that you would most likely chose for them or at least have some input into anyway. This could be ties, clothing or other accessories. We think the best type of gift is something unique and that can be cherished for a long time, and you really can’t go wrong with a stunning pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks can come in so many different shapes and sizes. Cufflinks can be small and plain or they can be large and big. You can even buy pairs of cufflinks which reflect the man or woman’s personality this includes cufflinks that look like a set of cards or even gold clubs. The best type of cufflinks are the crystal cufflinks as they not only look more expensive than they really are, but they can really be great as an accessory during the holiday season. Crystal cufflinks can be given as a gift at Christmas and can be worn at a new year’s party, or can be a wedding gift to your fiancé.

Our crystal cufflinks come in different colours and styles to reflect the type of person you are buying for. And although we are writing about gifts for men, our crystal cufflinks are unisex so are a great present for the women in your life too!


Christmas is fast approaching and you are sure to be thinking of what to buy for all your relatives and friends. For the next few days we are going to go through the costume jewellery gifts you might want to buy some of the most closest people in your life.

Today we thought we would start with the most important person, your wife, mother sister or significant other! Although you could buy make up, perfume, flowers or chocolates, why not put some extra thought into you present and think outside the box? Why not consider beautiful costume jewellery. Although it’s not rubies or diamonds, Swarovski crystal costume jewellery is definitely the next best thing.

As a gift, costume jewellery is so apt as a Christmas present because it’s that time of year when everything is sparkling and you have many parties to attend too. She’s sure to be grateful to think of one less thing to match to her outfit! Also, it comes so beautifully gift wrapped that it is one less thing for you to think about!

Or for the working women you could buy her a pair of gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks. For example, pair a gorgeous black double cuff shirt with the pink Nyx cufflinks to start work in the New Year with a real bang.

You could also stay save and buy a cocktail ring. As these are adjustable to fit any ring size and also come is so many shapes, sizes and colours you really can’t go wrong, and if the lady doesn’t like it, send it back for free returns during our extended return period in the new year.

If you need some help deciding what to buy, why not drop us an email and we will be sure to help all we can….


Courteousy of Getty Images

Courteousy of Getty Images

Just a couple of weeks ago London’s west end was transformed when all the stars of the new 007 film Quantum of Solace was premiered.

But forget the gorgeous Daniel Craig, we couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous, girls Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, as well as the supermodel Elle Macpherson and Dame Judy Dench.

Olga Kurylenko plays the gorgeous Camille in the new James Bond film, but she is just as gorgeous in real life. And she looked amazing dressed up on the red carpet in a stunning red Valentino gown. She wasn’t just wearing costume jewellery either, these were stunning diamonds.

Dame Judy Dench also looked beautiful, and had a temporary “007″ tattoo on her neck for the occasion.

But most eye-catching of all was Gemma Aterton. She braved the cold weather and flaunted her shapely long legs in two tone purple Balmain Spring 2009. The dress was accented with a wide black and silver studded belt.  She wore the most stunning earrings, diamond studded hoops, with a striking diamond encrusted bracelet- and the House of Jewels has a very similar bracelet, just see the image below! If it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for us!

10 November

How to take care of your Costume Jewellery.

Although costume jewellery is not as expensive as say diamonds, pearls or rubies, you still want to take care of whatever you buy as it can be a great accessory to pass onto your loved ones. I have so many people asking me what is the best way to take care of costume jewellery so here is a great list to refer to:

1. A good costume jewellery retailer will provide your jewellery in a keepsake/gift box. You should make sure that you keep your piece of jewellery safe and out of harm’s way in this box. It will help to keep it away from chemicals in the air and sunlight or the heat and cold.

2. Make sure that each costume jewellery item that you purchase is kept away from other costume jewellery items so that they do not rub together or tangle up. If you only have a single box for many items, try wrapping each item in a soft cloth before placing in a box.

3. Do not let costume jewellery come into contact with chemicals such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant.

4. Do not use harsh jewellery cleaners on your costume jewellery

5. Try to avoid dropping or hitting your costume jewellery against hard surfaces. The crystals on all of our own products are placed on by hand. Human error can therefore mean that stones may not have been placed on properly in the first place so may fall off easily of dropped so be extra careful with such delicate items of jewellery.

6. Make sure that you always put your jewellery on last after wearing your outfit and putting your make up and perfume on and always take it off first at the end of the evening This will ensure that it does not get caught on your outfit to ruin either your outfit or your jewellery.

7. Buy a small, extra-soft toothbrush that you can use to clean your jewelry.

8. The safest way to clean your costume jewellery is with a slightly damp cloth, whilst using your extra-soft toothbrush.

9. Wipe gently around all the stones ensuring not to put too much pressure on the stones

10. Always dry your jewellery after washing, because moisture can damage surfaces and cause them to rust or become pitted

Follow the steps above and you will be able to enjoy your costume jewellery over and over again for many years to come, and maybe even be able to pass it onto your loved ones!


Christmas is oh so close now and I thought I’d write a little something about the type and colour of costume jewellery you might want to wear to your work Christmas party, family Christmas dinner or for your Christmas ball.

The main colours for the holiday season are reds and greens, but for some reason you don’t see many items of clothing on the high street in these colours. Normally you get your little black dresses, tops, skirts or shirts, so how do you look Christmas-sy in black!? Simple, add a dash of colour with some costume jewellery.

People can be quiet shy to wear for example red earrings, or a green bracelet, but it can look so fabulous when worn right. For example, you could team up a gorgeous LBD with a red necklace and earring set like the one below and with a pair of red shoes to look stunning at your Christmas party.

Cocktail rings are the best and easiest (not to say the cheapest!) way to add colour to an outfit and a burst of this season’s hottest colour. Cocktail rings are one of those accessories that never go out of fashion, can never be worn enough, and is suitable for people of all ages, young or old! And the chunkier the cocktail ring the more in fashion you will be.

Bracelets are also great to add to your fashionable outfit. The next best thing to cocktail rings, bracelets really do add pizzazz to your work wear or evening wear. Try going for a light red bracelet for day wear and a darker, more burgundy colour bracelet for evening wear.

And don’t think its only women who can wear colour- men can wear gorgeous red or green crystal cufflinks. And because they are just so stunning, you can wear them to work too!

Finally, you really cannot go wrong with a fine piece of hair accessory. For those of you who are on the shy side and want to follow fashion but don’t want to stand out in a crowd too much go for a gorgeous little hair slide in red. This hair accessory also makes great bridal jewellery for Christmas Brides and really does add a touch of sparkle.


Costume jewellery can come in so many different styles, shapes and colours, but when considering a fine piece of costume jewellery quality is of utmost importance. For example, when buying cocktail rings, there are many out there that you can be for £10.00 or less but these are guaranteed to break or stones fall out of them within a couple of weeks of you wearing the product! That is why the House of Jewel’s costume jewellery is generally of such high quality. In addition, we have bought in an extra exquisite range of costume jewellery called the Anjouxxx Collection.

This exclusive range of costume jewellery is designed with Cameron Diaz & Catherine Zeta-Jones in mind. Its style is opulent and of the highest quality. The costume jewellery is hand crafted, many from sterling silver, and contains glass crystals, Swarovski crystals or Austrian Crystals. The elegant and dazzling designs compliment the use of these stones, and is the type of costume jewellery you can pass onto a loved one.

The prices for this range can be expected to be at a premium due to the additional attributes provided, but we are sure that it is worth it!  This range is exclusive to our website only, designed exclusively by Shefaly (now a registered trade mark), and named after someone special in her life.

The Anjouxxx collection costume jewellery was initially made as Asian bridal jewellery or English wedding jewellery. However, this type of costume jewellery is also fabulous as evening wear for parties, especially costume jewellery for Christmas parties or balls and even proms! They can also be matched up with so many other types of costume jewellery like cocktail rings or bracelets that are available. So even though you may be paying a premium for this collection of costume jewellery, you can wear it so many times that the cost becomes minute in relation to the wears you can get out of it!

(Please note that Anjouxxx collection cocktail rings are not adjustable to fit and require a large, medium or small ring size to be stated at checkout).

 This range has without a doubt made a movement of a new trend!