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I can’t believe it’s that time of year already- people will be out trick or treating tomorrow in their fancy dress costume or going to a great Halloween party. But who says you have to wear the normal witch’s outfit every other person can be seen in, or be cat woman with no “meeooww” to your outfit!? Why not add a bit of costume jewellery bling to really finish your outfit off.

For example, if you have decided to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for tomorrow, why not try a pair of chandelier earrings and gorgeous crystal choker necklace and earring set to make your outfit look fab. Costume jewellery is so versatile that you will be sure to wear the jewellery you purchase again.

Or if you decide to go as Count Dracula, wear a double cuff shirt with a gorgeous pair of crystal Swarovski cufflinks. You are sure to dazzle the ladies at any Halloween ball!

Even if you don’t have a party to go to tomorrow night and are going to take the kids out trick or treating, who says you can enjoy the night as much as they are! Why not dress up with some bling costume jewellery, even just a pair of earrings, cocktail ring and bracelet, and pretend you are the Queen!!! Or how about purchasing a hair tikka and going as an Indian bride

Costume jewellery is just so versatile that it goes with any occasion – and with Christmas round the corner you are sure to get many wears out of that one stunning piece you buy.


Costume jewellery is causing to be a real hit amongst designers including the confrontational designer Alexander McQueen. A recent article in the Independent suggests that costume jewellery “McQueen never slavishly follows trends – he is among a mere handful of designers in the world who are ahead of the game where that is concerned – it is worth noting the presence of more than a little costume jewellery in this collection, a new departure for him. And in this he was certainly not alone.”

However, many other individuals are also writing about this trend including the Suzy Menkes who writes about costume jewellery replacing hand bags as this seasons must have accessory when talking about Balenciaga’s autumn/winter show. Nicolas Ghesquiere, Balenciaga’s designer, dressed his models in gorgeous bracelets, large necklaces made of sparkling crystals and brilliantly large cocktail ring.

The writer of the article in the independent goes on to consider other huge designer brands showcasing large costume jewellery pieces on their catwalks including Louis Vuitton and Lanvin, and not to forget Chanel. In fact Coco Chanel was apparently the first to sell costume jewellery with the Chanel brand to her very rich clientele.

Most fashion houses now sell costume jewellery as part of their huge accessories range, including handbags and shoes, as a way of allowing their clients to afford pieces of jewellery that do not cost an arm and a leg!

McQueen ends by saying that costume jewellery astounding and individual. Check out Shefaly’s range here.

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24 October

Asian bridal costume jewellery

Costume jewellery doesn’t come as flamboyant, colourful and sparkly as when you see it in an Asian Wedding. Asian wedding costume jewellery can be very similar but also very different to English wedding costume jewellery.

Asian bridal jewellery is usually very colourful. To match the saris and suits that all the stunning women wear, they must accessorise with very colourful costume jewellery. This could be pink costume jewellery, red costume jewellery, or blue costume jewellery. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is colourful. This doesn’t only relate to women as men wear colourful outfits too and this is often paired with colourful cufflinks. This is where our beautiful and elegant crystal cufflinks come in! They look fabulous on a double cuff bespoke shirt, and look great when matched to your tie, your suit lining or even to your other halves outfit!


In addition, you will notice that the women in the bridal party or on the groom’s side will wear quiet heavy necklace and earring sets. This is so that people know that they are part of the bridal or grooms side. It also matches the really heavy outfits that the women would traditionally wear to the wedding.

However nowadays there is a tradition to for the bride to wear more English costume jewellery for their registry. This is more contemporary less bling style jewellery. This is because more and more brides are looking for a more English themed wedding, with many even getting married abroad more than ever before.

So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to an Asian wedding, there are three things to remember about your costume jewellery- bling, bold and colourful costume jewellery all the way!


22 October

How to choose the perfect pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks are a stunning gift to give to a man for any occasion. As far as costume jewellery goes for men, you can’t get anything better than cuff links. But how do you know what type of cufflinks to choose for a man? We are here to give you some help on this topic!

The understated look

For the man who is quiet shy and doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd too much, you are better off going for a classic pair of metal cufflinks. These can have a couple of Swarovski crystals on it to make it slightly flashier if you think the guy can handle it!

The playful look

Some men love their gadgets, or are quiet quirky. The best pair of cufflinks for this type of man is those that are called novelty cufflinks. These can be cufflinks that look like an iphone, deck of cards cufflinks or even cufflinks that look like mobile phones! These make a great gift for a man that you know very well as you can pick a pair of cufflinks according to their interest!

The Ultimate cufflinks

The ultimate cufflinks are Swarovski crystal flamboyant cufflinks! There are many Swarovski crystal encrusted cufflinks out there but non like the ones that the House of Jewels have designed and produced. These are a great gift for the man that has everything, or the man you do not too well or for your dad or brother…well just about any man in your life! They are a great pair of cufflinks to wear to parties or to wear on your wedding day or your reception. Try wearing these cufflinks to work and you are sure to get a lot of compliments. And the great thing about these cufflinks is that they are unisex. They can be worn by men with distinction or women with supreme taste.


20 October

Silver or Gold Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and colours, but the main choice for anyone when it comes to costume jewellery is whether you want silver costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery.

Silver costume jewellery is a very versatile style as it can suit anyone and can go with just about any piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Silver costume jewellery encrusted with Swarovski crystals, whatever colour the crystal are, can really make your work outfit look fabulous. Or keep your jewellery in your purse, and wear in the evening to turn your outfit in to something spectacular for after work drinks.

Gold costume jewellery on the other hand can be fabulous as wedding/bridal jewellery. It’s a traditional piece of jewellery that can really make your outfit look gorgeous. Gold is also a great colour to wear to a ball or Christmas party as it will sparkle more than silver costume jewellery, and if you normally wear silver jewellery you will really stand out in a crowd if you change to gold costume jewellery.

Whether you wear gold or silver costume jewellery, it does come to personal style at the end of the day, so wear it with style whatever you wear!


18 October

How to choose the perfect evening handbag

Evening handbags can be a really sexy addition to any outfit and can finish your look off in true style, especially if the colour is matched to your costume jewellery. There are many types of evening handbags and the one you choose really depends on what sort of look you are going for

The perfect evening handbag for a night out to a club or bar would be something that’s quiet demure and not too imposing. So you can wear a pair of jeans and a top and finish the look off with a great black clutch bag or a gorgeous silver handbag.

But because evening handbags are so versatile the same hand bag can be worn if you are going to a Christmas party or to a ball. But you can buy an even snazzier handbag for such an occasion, one that has many diamantes on it, or perhaps beaded, and maybe even a dash of colour like a pink handbag or a gold handbag. If you decide to wear a little black dress to such an occasion a colourful handbag can really look fabulous, especially if matched to your costume jewellery.

Finally, don’t forget your big day. For your wedding you would most probably want a white, cream or ivory handbag. This can be beaded or have diamantes on it and since evening handbags come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours, you are sure to find one that matches the look you are going for.  Or for the contemporary bride, why not try matching your wedding handbag to your jewellery and go for something with colour, like a gold handbag?


A lot of our customers are very interested in costume and fashion jewellery yet they do not entirely know what the difference is between fashion jewellery and costume jewellery so we thought we’d write a little blog on this.

Costume jewellery is defined as jewellery that is made from inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. Inexpensive or non precious metals include materials such as gold plating, silver plating, wood, leather and beads. Costume jewellery is not made from gold, silver, cultured pearls. However Swarovski Crystal jewellery is classed as costume jewellery.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewellery from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women.

Fashion jewellery on the other hand is jewellery that is following a current trend. That is, what trends have been passed from the catwalks to the high street that will be ever changing. This can range from wooden cuff bracelets, beaded necklaces or large chunky rings.

Fashion jewellery also includes designer ranges like Pilgrim jewellery or Mikey jewellery. But this is not always the case as many other companies also sell fashion jewellery to encompass a range of exciting new designs like necklace and earring sets and hair accessories that are designed in house and are exclusive to the company, like Shefaly | House of Jewels, making it designer jewellery too.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion and costume jewellery, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


14 October

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is slowly but surely creeping closer, and even though there is a credit crunch, who says you can’t afford fantastic, gorgeous presents. Costume jewellery is one of those gifts that not only lasts for a very long time, it’s so versatile and can be given as a gift to a loved one, or a colleague at work. Costume jewellery is so affordable, you can buy one piece costing no more than £6.00 as a children’s gift or a costume jewellery piece for a loved one that can cost £105.00.

Pink three daisy hair slide

The three daisy hair slide makes a fantastic gift for little girls. A gorgeous small hair accessory made from sparkling crystals that can be worn on any occasion.For young teenage girls, why not buy a truly stunning cocktail ring. This is such a versatile piece of costume jewellery as it can be worn with jeans or with a gorgeous evening outfit. And with large cocktail rings being all the craze at the moment why not buy the Flower Power Cocktail ring for the girl that wants it all!

For the more discerning lady, try a gorgeous crystal encrusted brooch. These can be worn with a pashmina, or on the lapel of a tailored jacket and would look stunning when worn to a Christmas party.

Topaz flower brooch

Or why not buy her a lovely costume jewellery necklace and earring set. This is a great gift as it looks incredibly expensive, however doesn’t break the bank!

And don’t think we have forgotton about the stylish men out there! Shefaly | House of Jewels’s gorgeous Swarovski crystal encrusted cufflinks are designed in house and are one of a kind. These flamboyant cufflinks aren’t for the shy and retiring type so be sure to check the dimensions. And large cufflinks are all the rage at the moment and look really stylish with a bespoke suit.

Hemera in dark blue cufflinks

And remember all our products come in exclusive gift packaging free of charge. So that’s one less thing to worry about!

If you need any help in deciding what to buy be sure to contact us. And if you want to make a suggestion of what makes a great Christmas gift, please write your comments below!


12 October

Indian Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes, shapes, colours and styles, but they all are as beautiful as the next piece.

Indian costume jewellery is no different, except there are certain costume jewellery pieces that are worn that you would not otherwise see worn in the western world. For example, a hair accessory can be worn that dangles from the top of your head onto your forehead and is called a hair tikka. This gorgeous piece of jewellery is normally worn on very special occasions like your wedding day or if you are a bridesmaid at a wedding.

In addition, a costume jewellery piece called “panja” or “finger ring” can also be worn and is traditionally again worn on special occasions including again as bridal jewellery or as bridesmaid’s jewellery. This is a ring that is attached to a bracelet.

As far as Asian fashion jewellery goes the bigger the better! And also the more colourful the better. Costume jewellery is fabulous to wear on any occasion but on an Indian wedding day costume jewellery can’t be any more fabulous!


That time of year is here again were fabulous celebrities hit the dance floor to Samba, Foxtrot and Waltz their way into our hearts, and win the Strictly Come Dancing Competition!And this year they are going to do it in style with Shefaly | House of Jewels’s gorgeous Costume Jewellery and Hair accesories.

And we can exclusively reveal that the team at Strictly Come dancing have decided to use Shefaly’s hair accessories and costume jewellery on the gorgeous celebrities.

Not only are their costumes as flamboyant as ever this year, but so is their costume jewellery and hair acessories, especially since they have now approached Shefaly | House of Jewels to provide gorgeous hair pins, hair combs and hair slides to adorn the beautifully created hair do’s.

The Faux Pearl & Butterly hair pin was used to do a fabulous hair do on Cherie Lunghi in the first week. With the hair pins running along the length of a french pleat and ending with a gorgeous crystal hair comb, she was sparkling all night long.

Photo Courteousy of

In addition, Jodie had our gorgeous large crystal hair pins adorning a beautiful bun. The gorgeous hair style is so verstaile and looked fabulous on her especially since she has such gorgeous features.

Photo Courteousy of

As we cant keep a track of all the products that the Stritcly team are using, if you see any of our beautiful costume jewellery and hair accessories on any of the celebrities, feel free to make a comment below to let us know!