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29 August

Product of the week- handbags.

Even though costume jewellery and hair accessories are fast becoming the hair accessory of the moment, we still cant forget how important a gorgeous handbag is to finish off an outfit.

This can be as glamorous as you can get. Handbags can come in many different sizes, but you have to feel comfortable with what you are holding, so go for a smaller handbag if you don’t want to stand out in a crowd to much, or a gorgeous evening handbag with many sequins and beads on it to really sparkle.

Our gorgeous fashion accessories and costume jewellery also go really well with leather handbags which can be us for work or a night out.


28 August

Add a dash of colour to dull days

With summer near to an end, and although there is still a week left until the end of August, we here at the House of Jewels think you should add a dash of colour to these dull days, and soon to come long dark winter nights!

The House of Jewels have brought in a range of colourful new ring designs. This is such a simple yet effective way to accessorise your outfit, but still have style to your ensenmble

Why not try the citrine daisy cocktail ring. Its of a perfct size which allows you to wear during the day at work or even wear with your evening outfit.

Or the gorgeous new vintage cocktail ring allows for you to have a gorgeous accessory that really is en vogue.

Whatever you decide to wear, with the long winter days looming, go spoil yourself with a pretty fashion accessory!

26 August

Brand Sparkling New!

Meet Shefaly: House of Jewels, a brand new jewellery brand which is already dazzling the market.

Shefaly’s gorgeous collection of real statement costume jewellery includes every fashion accessories a woman will ever need, and even some unique pieces for men.

Fine Swarovski crystals sit beside gorgeous Czech stones and Austrian crystals in an extensive collection of truly unique pieces, some of which are specially designed by Shefaly herself.

From earrings and necklaces, chokers and hair decorations, to bracelets and Shefaly’s own unique cuff-links, each affordable, timeless jewel offers a quality second-to-none, which means your customers can enjoy their Shefaly jewels time and time again, adding to their collection season after season.

21 August

London Fashion Week- Spring/Summer 09

Although it feels like we haven’t even had much of a summer yet, the fashion houses are already getting ready for Spring/Summer 09! London Fashion week is looming, and Shefaly is in association with it, so we decided to give you an update on what the key trends will be.

Florals are going to be huge trend next spring/summer, but do be a shrinking violet- this coming summer striking colours are so important. Fairy motifs on feather light fabrics are a real trend too, and add some strong detailing like large cocktail rings, and oversized brooches. Pair such a lovely outfit up with a great sparkly hair accessory.

Shorts are again a big thing- wear the shortest of shorts if you can with patterned shoes and a gorgeous head scarf to really pull the outfit off!

19 August

Big, Bold and Beautiful

The oversized bag will never go out of fashion, but it does have a new contender in the race to which product is the most accessorised. Recent research has shown that people are spending more than ever on jewellery. The good thing is there are really affordable pieces available for all.

Autumn/Winter 2008 sees statement of giant jewels being a must have accessory, and the easiest and cheapest way to accessorise your outfits. The catwalks have seen breathtaking pieces of jewellery including Burberry’s bright neck pieces and the now famous Dries Von Noten’s bracelet collar: colourful large bangles threaded around the neck.

Whether you are looking at cuff bracelets, chandelier earrings, cocktail rings or necklace sets, the bigger the better.

14 August

Wedding Hairstyles

The way your hair is going to look on your big day is really important and will really finish off your look. The best way to decide this is to look at your face shape and go with a style that really suits it.

Round face: Round faces look best when hair is kept down or swept to one side. Make sure you accessorise the look well- something like the Bloom hair claw would look great!

Oval face: You are really lucky if you have an oval face as any style would look great! Try having elegant curls with a gorgeous hair comb worn as a tiara or even a French chignon with little hair pins elegantly placed all over your hair.

Long faces: Avoid having your hair down if this describes your face shape. Try big voluminous curls with a gorgeous tiara. And avoid a hair cut that is too short.

Square face: Square faces look best with short hair styles so accessorise with a gorgeous little hair slide. Add wispy curls for a dramatic look

Whatever your face shape and personal style is, just make sure you are comfortable with the way you look on your special day!

Any advice for brides-to-be, place a comment below!

12 August

The tremendous cost of weddings

A recent survey showed that the average cost of weddings is rising and that a wedding can now cost anywhere between £16,000 for a standard wedding to £150,000! This cost includes all expenses such as the honeymoon, the venue, catering and the wedding bands. However the cost allocated to make the bride look amazing is £1700 and this includes hair, makeup and all the gorgeous jewellery that is to adorn the beautiful bride.

But not all of us can afford to spend so much on our accessories alone, that’s why costume jewellery is such a great alternative, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories. So why compromise looking your absolute best on the most important day of your life by skimping on your gorgeous jewellery for the big day and go for style and quality

How else do you think you can keep the cost of a wedding down? Comment on this article below.

9 August

Celebrity Jewellery

Celebrities are nearly always covered in diamonds, gold and platinum when they have a special occasion, and some even with just a pair of jeans! However, we can’t all afford the hundreds of thousands of pounds they spend, that’s why we have websites like ours! 

So for example at the Oscars in 2008, there was great prominence on red gowns with black closely following as a must have colour. But all outfits where accessorised with diamonds, and mostly as hair accessories and brooches. Large bracelets and cocktail rings always make an appearance on such occasions, but these can also be worn casually too.

So you can see that diamonds don’t have to be expensive, as you can have the next best thing, Swarovski crystal encrusted jewellery, that looks as fabulous as the jewellery that the stars wear.

7 August

Summer Jewellery

Although the long hot summer days we were having recently seem like they were decades ago, there will be another heat wave soon and we think you should be prepared! Everyone always mentions sun screen, hats and sunglasses but how about your jewellery? A girl should never forget accessorising whatever the weather is like!

For summer we recommend going as light as you cannot without compromising style. So chunky rings are great, for example our fabulous Flower Power rings are a great accessory for summer, especially since floral patterns are so in for this season!

Also, when going for necklaces try and stay light and simple. This can be a simple drop necklace like the one shown below or a beaded necklace that is still very en vogue. But stay away from chokers, this can be a deadly sin on a hot summers day!

Why not post a comment on this topic and give our readers some of your own advice too!

5 August

The London Paper

The London Paper did a fabulous piece yesterday on the hottest buys of the week. Amongst Jimmy Choo shoes and Missoni scarves as well as Nike Sportswear was Shefaly | House of Jewels’s fabuolous cuff bracelets.

Jewelled Cuff £21

Jewelled Cuff £21

The Journalist wrote ” Shefaly – The new online jewellery label does colourful jingle jangle at affordable prices. Wear this (see above) hand-set amber, blue and aqua-stoned cuff with a bright kaftan”. At only £21 for such a fantastic bracelet, we think you should take their advice (if not ours!) and go for this fabulous piece!