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31 July

Product of the week

Its the end of the month and pay day is looming. Having spent a lot of it on a great night out, that fabulous summer maxi dress and a gorgeous new designer handbag, why not buy yourself a beautiful acceossory that will look great with your new look?

This week we think our beautiful range of hair slides are a must have for all. It really does dress up that summer wavy hair, just out of the sea look! And with the sun shining so brightly right now, you will look fabulous in the sun with this hair accessory sparkling so brightly. Plus you are not breaking the bank- they’re only £6.00 each! Go on, treat yourself!

Making your hair look fabulous on your wedding day or any other day for that matter is a priority for all of us. But what if you’re not born with Mischa Barton style luscious locks, or Jessica Simpson’s gorgeous silky blonde hair?!

The best alternative is to try hair extensions or even hair wigs. HotHair is the U.K.’s largest retailers of gorgeous wigs and hair extensions, and come in various cuts and colours.

If you regularly colour your hair a great option is hair extensions or wigs. Most celebrities use this method over dying their hair for movie roles or the red carpet. For example, Lindsey Lohan regularly changes her hair colour from red, to blonde to chocolate brown! But thanks to HotHair we can all have fabulous healthy looking hair styles

My favourite type of hair extension are the clip on type as they can easily be put on by yourself with no help needed, and are not as expensive as the ones that hairdressers put in for you. Or for a one off new look, try a Jessica Simpson wig which is sure to impress! And add a hair slide or two to really add glamour to your style.

So what are your thoughts on this! Please do leave a comment!

27 July

Sparkly hairbands


Sparkly hairbands are a must have crystal accessory and looks great with whatever you wear.  Hairbands are a great way of making any up-do look fabulous, or just to keep your hair away from your face on long hot summer days and nights.

If you opt for a sparkly hairband make sure you keep other jewellery to a minimum, or opt for patterned, bright, neutral or cloth hairbands which means you can glam up your outfit with loads of jewellery! With all the stars including Paris Hilton and Lilly Allen sporting this gorgeous crystal hair accessory, make sure all eyes are on you with this must have summer accessory.


Gorgeous Crystal Cufflinks form Shefaly | London

Gorgeous Crystal Cufflinks from Shefaly | London

Why should jewellery be enjoyed by women only?! The House of Jewels have brought out an exclusive collection of cufflinks designed by Shefaly that can be worn by men and also women.

The cufflinks are made from Swarovski Crystal and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there’s a pair to match anyone’s taste.

The cufflinks were designed with Greek and Roman Mythology in mind. Therefore all the cufflinks are named after Greek or Roman gods. For example, Nyx is the Greek goddess of Night. The cufflinks have been designed with a spear like look to it, as Nyx was often seen with a spear. Nyx is often seen with Erebus by her side, who is the God of Darkness. The design of the Erebus cufflinks kept this in mind by having sharpness to its square edges depicting an end (the opposite of this being a circle which shows something as everlasting).

Have a look at these truly special cufflinks, which are soon to appear on a high street near you!


25 July

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!

This coming Autumn/Winter 2008-9 sees your wardrobe to be filled with sparkle! Sparkly beaded tops and dresses are a must have and the best way to accessorise your new wardrobe will be with gorgeous jewellery.

There are two ways you can go about accessorising such items of clothing- go all out with large costume jewellery sets which go really well with more plainer outfits, or go for smaller more intricately detailed items like simple sets, rings or bracelets.


But you don’t have to only stick with jewellery. Handbags are a real must have accessory, and these too can be sparkly big and bold!

Whatever you decide to wear this coming season, do it with style and confidence with a piece of jewellery from the House of Jewels.


A fabulous ring can make even the plainest hand look delicate and pretty, the only question is, how do you know it will suit you?

Choosing the right ring for your self (or as a present) really depends on how often it is going to be worn. If you’re a full-time party girl and are likely to have it on a lot of the time, then perhaps a more expensive ring is your best bet…but if you’re like me and you’d only wear it occassionally, then perhaps the affordable route is the best way to go.

Also, remember that long delicate fingers can generally get away with larger rings as the size of the ring does not make your hands and fingers look any smaller. You can easily get away with our Green Crystal Bloom Cocktail Ring or the gorgeous Large Crystal Ring. If you have smaller hands and shorter fingers, try going for something more delicate like the Purple Cat’s Eye Ring or the Topaz Almond Cocktail Ring which will give the illusion that your fingers are longer than they really are!  The ring selection at the House of Jewels is truely unique and is sure to make an impact wherever you wear them.

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22 July

Bangles as a Trend

Bangles continue to be a real trend and have gained a fashionista following in the past year. Chunky bangles and cuffs have been seen on all catwalks for next season. But jewellery cuffs can be cheap and cheerful, especially since costume jewellery is coming back with a vengeance. Statement bangles and cuffs can be worn at the wrist or on the upper arm. Bangles can dress up any outfit from a t-shirt and jeans to a little black dress.

Will the trend continue into autumn/winter months? If so what will the style and colour be?

As far a jewellery trends go for Autumn/Winter 2008-2009, Bangles are a must have for every jewellery box. Choose from narrow bangles to wide deep cuffs. Bangles and cuffs that contain crystals are a very glamorous alternative to the Summer trend of plastic and wooden bangles. The main colour trend for next season will be blues and lilacs with red undertones, moving away from the traditional autumn subdued and quiet colours. Carribean blue opal is seen as a very popular colour for jewellery and accessories next season.


  1. Set a budget for your accessories and allow for a 15% leeway over your budget just in case you see the perfect pieces which are a little over your budget.
  2. Feel free to wear costume jewellery. The price for costume pieces versus the authentic equivalent is much less, and costume jewels look just as good as the real thing.
  3. Spend time looking around before you buy any of your accessories. Finding the right sparkle to finish off your outfit can often take longer than expected.
  4. It’s best to keep your costume jewellery simple: you don’t want it to compete with your dress. However, if your dress is simple, more intricate jewellery is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Choose a necklace according to the shape of the neckline. For example, square necks work well with curved necklaces so try a choker or opt for statement earrings instead.
  6. What you decide to wear on your head will be determined by your dress. The traditional silver tiara is still very popular, or opt for combs worn on the side of the head
  7. Take hair combs and hair clips with you when choosing your wedding veil. Not all wedding veils look the same when these accessories are added.
  8. Shoes are very important accessories. They need to be comfortable, non-slip and with a heel to complement both your height and the dress
  9. Be sure to take your outfit with you when shopping for the accessories. This way, you can try everything on together to get the full effect.
  10. Finally, look for jewellery that comes beautifully gift-wrapped and gift boxed. This will help you treasure your big day for years to come.

Love Shefaly X