8 June

Crystal Brooches

Everyone’s talking about large cocktail rings, statement costume jewellery and hair accessories, but there’s one accessory we here at the House of Jewels love and that’s brooches. We can’t get enough of brooches and what you can wear them with, or without!

Crystal brooches are a must have accessory. A colourful crystal brooch can be pinned to the lapel of your coat to make it look stunning. Or how about wearing a scarf, a real must have accessory for this season, and putting an eye-catching brooch at the end of it?

Many brooches can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace as they have a loop on where a necklace can be threaded through. This can be a dazzling statement jewellery piece. Or even wear it as a hair accessory which can look so dramatic.


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