20 November

Costume jewellery for the Christmas Holidays!

Christmas is oh so close now and I thought I’d write a little something about the type and colour of costume jewellery you might want to wear to your work Christmas party, family Christmas dinner or for your Christmas ball. The main costume jewellery colours for the holiday season are reds and greens.

Normally you get your little black dresses, tops, skirts or shirts on the high street, so how do you look Christmas-sy in black!? Simple, add a dash of colour with some costume jewellery. Cocktail rings are the best and easiest (not to say the cheapest!) way to add colour to an outfit and a burst of this season’s hottest colour. Bracelets are also great to add to your fashionable outfit as are crystal earrings. All our costume jewellery comes in so many colours, including red costume jewellery and green costume jewellery that you really are spoilt for choice.

Finally, you really cannot go wrong with a fine piece of hair accessory. For those of you who are on the shy side and want to follow fashion but don’t want to stand out in a crowd too much go for a gorgeous little hair slide in red. This hair accessory also makes great bridal jewellery for Christmas Brides and really does add a touch of sparkle.


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