24 January

Costume jewellery for Spring Summer 2011

The new trends in clothing, accessories and in particular costume jewellery for Speing Summer 2011 are now coming out onto our high streets. All the big high street brands have taken from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi to come up with their own take on this Spring/Summers trends.

The main trend we can see with most the designers is that there is a lot of 70′s influence. To see what we mean just have a look at Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and Michelle Pfiffer in Scarface to get an idea of the types of clothing and jewellery the 70′s style encompasses. There is also alot of bright colours on most of the catwalks as well as minimalism showing a real come back. What does this mean for costume jewellery. Well you could go for brightly coloured jewellery, like a bright bracelet for example. Or better still follow the main key trend that is to have a statement hair clip in your hair and a large statement cocktail ring on your finger.

These trends are the ones that are showing on the catwalks and now are present on the high streets and designer stores. They all compliment each really well, but never forget you should always wear what your own style says about you.


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