28 December

Costume jewellery for 2010

Costume jewellery is generally a timeless piece of jewellery that can essentially last for a very long time if taken care of properly. But just like any other fashion accessory costume jewellery that is worn in any particular season can be dictated by what is in fashion at the time.

Costume jewellery for 2010 looks like it is going to be very much statement costume jewellery. This means that it is large overstated jewellery that is a statement piece. So this could be chandelier earrings, which are statement earrings or it could be a statement bracelet, like the jet set in crystal bracelet. The most popular piece of fashion accessory at the moment is hair accessories. This has been made so much more popular with celebrities like Cheryl Cole wearing statement hair band to X factor.

The costume jewellery you decide to wear this coming year is not only dictated by what’s in fashion, but also what your own personal style is so add your own style of costume jewellery to whatever you decide to wear this year.


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