There are many types of bangles and bracelets, especially as costume jewellery. As the festive season approaches, the questions are what colours to go for, and how to finish off the seasonal and fashionista look.

Costume jewellery bangles and bracelets can be found all over the place, and in many colours and finishes. Shefaly house of jewels have a wide collection of bangles and bracelets – from vintage looking, antique looking, gold or silver costume bangles, all can be found in one area.

You may be a ware that may celebs are also seen wearing not just one, but 2 bangles at a time – this is for the glam impact. We believe this as well, the more the better – but less than 4!

We have a vast collection of colours, from pinks, reds, purples and crystal. Take a look at the costume jewellery bangles and the costume jewellery bracelets sections of our site!

Love Shefaly

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