15 February

Costume jewellery at the Grammys

Awards season is now in full swing and this weekend just gone saw the Grammys take place in full swing with major artists like Rhianna and Lady Gaga wearing stunning outfits and accessorising with beautiful costume jewellery. So what were the main trends at the Grammies this year.

Apart from lady gagas awesome entrance in an incubating pod(yes you read right!) there was Rhianna who was in a stunning Galianio gown with beatufil stud earrings.Beyonce paired her black body suit with a long crystal necklace.And J-Lo had stunning chandelier earrings on to match her oh so short silver dress.

So the Grammys as ever well filled with elaborate and also very sexy outifts and costume jewellery and we cant wait to see what the Oscars will have in store for us.

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