12 January

Costume jewellery at the Golden Globes

The golden globes took place last night and it was better than ever. We were all hooked to our TV screen looking at the gorgeous actors and actresses in their amazing gowns and stunning jewellery. Although most of it was not costume jewellery, their diamonds and rubies can be replicated with any of our jewellery.

Let’s start with the biggest winner of the night, Kate Winslet. She wore a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent gown, and added a sophisticated touch by wearing simple yet stunning jewellery. Her bracelet looks very much like our Swarovski crystal bracelet seen below!

Or how the beautiful Eva Mendes who wore a magnificent Dior gown with a striking blue stoned statement necklace.

Why not try this look for yourself with the Blossom in Blue Sapphire necklace and earring set?

Image courteousy of The Huffington Post

Beyonce went with a similar look too, an attractive gown, but added a touch of bling with a statement necklace. The Anjouxxx collection provides a fantastic range of large crystal necklace and earring sets

Image courteousy of The Huffington Post

Comment below on the Golden Globes and what you thought of the outfits and costume jewellery!


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