18 January

Costume jewellery at the Golden Globes 2011

The stars where out in style last weekend as the Golden Globes was hosted in LA. All the beautiful actors and actresses from hollywood and afar came to town to see who was going to get best actress, best actor and best picture and they all looked more stunning than ever before. So what you are all wondering i bet is what were the stars wearing and in particular what costume jewellery where they wearing.

This yesr it seemed as though many actresses kept it fairly understated. Many decided to wear small crystal earrings similar in size and even perhaps in design to our small swarovski crystal earrings. Some of the more daring actresses wore beautiful diamond bracelets and also a stunning cocktail ring, like Halle Berry and Diane Argon. But we think the most stunning of all was the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman with her beautiful crystal necklace and crystal bracelet.

Now we are really looking forward to the Oscars where we can see what even more beautiful costume jewellery the actors will be wearing with their beautiful gowns.


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