9 November

Costume jewellery as a present

Costume jewellery makes a fabulous present for any guy or girl, whether you only just met them, or you have been together forever. Costume jewellery can be given as a birthday present or as a Christmas present or as a mother’s day present.

When choosing costume jewellery as a present think about the person, how old they are, and if you know them well what colours they like and what their personal style is like. So as a mother’s day gift you could give a Pearl Brooch or Pearl Bracelet. If it’s a gift for your girlfriend, you could give her a statement cocktail ring or a cuff bracelet as they are really in fashion at the moment. If the gift is for your boyfriend, chose crystal cufflinks as not only is that a unique gift to give but as so practical.

Costume jewellery can be great as a gift as it looks so expensive, especially when gift wrapped, but doesn’t have to break the bank. It so sparkly and pretty, they are sure to be overwhelmed with your generosity.


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