11 January

Colourful Bridesmaids costume jewellery

Bridesmaid’s jewellery is just as important as any other costume jewellery worn by the bride or the bridal party on your big day. But the great case about bridesmaids costume jewellery is that you really can chose any type of costume jewellery, and the best type of colourful costume jewellery. This is because, your jewellery as the bride is most likely to be crystal, so be adventurous with your costume jewellery for your bridesmaids.

Colourful bridesmaids costume jewellery can be colourful earrings, colourful bracelets or colourful hair accessories. So if your bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses, why not got for gorgeous in purple necklace and earring set. Or if they are wearing green dresses, why not go for green chandelier earrings and a green cocktail ring.

You can be so adventurous with your bridesmaid’s jewellery. If you have any great stories to tell about picking your bridesmaids costume jewellery why don’t you tell us about it below?


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