8 December

Coloured wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery comes in the traditional stones of clear crystal and pearl with a gold or silver finish.  But this doesn’t have to be the case. Costume jewellery can come in many different colours including red costume jewellery, green costume jewellery and brown costume jewellery. These colours can also come in many different types of costume jewellery like Chandelier earrings or necklace and earring sets.

The coloured wedding jewellery you decide to choose will really depend on your dress or other accessories or your bridesmaids dress and their accessories. So if your bridesmaids are going to wear brown dresses, you could go for topaz coloured costume jewellery which would match so well. Or if you are having a Christmas wedding, with a Christmas theme, why not go for red costume jewellery: maybe red chandelier earrings and a red bracelet?

Your coloured costume jewellery is all down to your own personal style and choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours whether it’s for your big day or for everyday costume jewellery as colour is coming back into fashion.


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