So for all you out there who have yet to buy their Christmas presents, what is the best gift you can give your wife,girlfriend,colleague or best friend this Christmas and won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Well as far as costume jewellery goes cocktail rings are a great gift as women love it and it can match any outfit and can be a great present for more or less anybody.

When choosing a cocktail ring as a gift if you know the person well then its best to go with a type of cocktail ring that you know they would wear. If they generally wear small costume jewellery then go for a small cocktail ring that would suit them best. But you can still go for a colourful cocktail ring to make it that extra special. Or if you know that they like statement costume jewellery go for a larger cocktail ring. Something like the Topaz Icicles cocktail ring would be great.

And the great thing about cocktail rings is that they are adjustable to fit any ring size and you therefore do not have to know the person’s ring size when purchasing our cocktail rings!


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