Cocktail rings are a must have for any complete outfit. Whether its for a party, a wedding, a hen doo, or an xmas party, make sure you have this essential accessory!

Cocktail rings can be found in many colours and finishes, from crystal to bead, and silver to gold, in green, blue, red and purple! This also means that the prices may vary somewhat. Depending on the function, and depending on your budget will guide your selection. Regardless of this you can find many cocktail rings out there. Whether its the high street, or the www, you will find a massive collection.

We at the house of jewels sell over 100 styles and over 300 colours, so the collection itself is vast, and shefaly is well know in this field, and has been featured from London Fashion Week 2008 to SKYone’s project catwalk 2008. You can also find a small collection at retailers such as M&S or Bloomingdales, but these collections are not as vast, as its not those company’s specialities.

Therefore shop with those brands where you find a good collection, that will stand for reputation, and will mean you get the best choice!

Love, Shefaly!

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