23 February

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are the best and easiest (not to say the cheapest!) way to add colour to an outfit and a burst of this season’s hottest colour. Cocktail rings are one of those accessories that never go out of fashion, can never be worn enough, and is suitable for people of all ages, young or old! And the chunkier the cocktail ring the more in fashion you will be.

Our costume jewellery rings are suitable for everyday wear, parties, proms, receptions, evenings out and weddings. They make a great accessory to any outfit or dress! The rings come in all types of sizes, from small rings, to large statement cocktail rings, and are made from Swarovski, Austrian or Czech crystal depending on the ring. They are adjustable and will fit any ring size! Our costume ring range is so large, we are confident that you will find a stunning cocktail ring for your partner and can really make a great first impression!


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