24 November

Christmas or winter wedding jewellery

Nowadays there is no longer a wedding season per say- although most couples seem to enjoy having weddings in the summer, Christmas weddings and becoming ever more popular. For this reason, Christmas or winter wedding jewellery can be different to say summer wedding jewellery.

Winter weddings can have all sorts of themes including snowflakes, icicles, and most poplar of all Christmas themed. In a Christmas themed wedding you are likely to chose traditional colours like red and green to match say the Christmas tree, or Santa Claus. So how do you chose jewellery in these colours, especially since at this time of year you are more likely to find fashion jewellery on the high street for Christmas parties or for new years eve parties but not necessarily Christmas wedding jewellery.

If you are looking at wearing a red dress for your winter wedding, why not try gold costume jewellery, which is a great contrast at this time of year. Or if you are trying a traditional white dress why not add a dash or crystal costume jewellery to the outfit.

If you are going for a green themed wedding why not try the gorgeous green chic necklace and earring set, it compliments any outfit. And if you are the guest at such a wedding we have a huge range of green rings or green bracelets that would be great to wear.


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