25 September

Christmas Jewellery for Christmas work parties!

Ok, not many people have started saying that christmas is only a few months away…So what jewellery to wear with that stunning red dress? What red earrings, what red sparkling bracelet??

Depending on the colour of your dress, and lets face it, many of us ladies love to wear a stunning red dress to the xmas party to impress those we work around, and show them our years gym efforts!

Or you can simply go for a black dress, and glamourise up with sparkling graphite jewellery!

Then its a case of wearing large earrings, and no necklace, a necklace set, a large statement bracelet, or even strictly come dancing styled hair, complete with hair accessories that add the finishing sparkle!

look out for our special xmas category to be lauched on our site in the next 28days!

Love, Shefaly

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