14 January

Choosing your Prom costume jewellery

Exams have started and school is in full swing. But we know you all are looking forward to the upcoming prom more than anything and I best even though its only January you are already looking for your prom dress and prom costume jewellery.

Choosing your prom costume jewellery is just as important and very similar in the way that you chose your wedding jewellery. So you have to be very careful in what costume jewellery you chose as your prom jewellery as it could make or break your outfit. So make sure you have your prom dress first, and then chose your prom jewellery. Once you have your dress and shoes you can then see whether crystal costume jewellery or coloured costume jewellery like pink chandelier earrings or a pink bracelet would go with your outfit.

If you want help picking the right prom jewellery for your prom, drop us a line and we will help find it for you.


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