4 August

Celebrity costume jewellery

Many celebrities obtain high quality gold and costume jewellery from diamond house, but others such as the girls aloud and Paris Hilton opts for high street and online fashion jewellery store.

These range from companies such as the House of Jewels, to fashion jewellery online, as well as the brand Mikey. Don’t be fooled into thinking these online fashion jewellery stores are small. They have the latest fashion trends to due to the high volume, low price sales models they operate under. This is the reason they can offer celebrities free jewellery as gifts (with the added benefit of seeing their products at the hottest party events during Christmas and the New Year.

Key products spotted by our scouts in London the last few days includes costume jewellery rings, crystal bracelets, Swarovski brooches, sparkling belts, as well as statement necklaces, and large crystal earrings.

Go one, be a celebrity this year, and pick up a great piece of fashion jewellery online today!


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