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14 September

Crystal bridal jewellery seeing a resurgance

Crystal bridal jewellery is a real trend when is comes to bridal jewellery and can really make you look stunning on your big day.  Crystal bridal jewellery is seeing a real resurgance because it is the only type of cotume jewellery that can really make a real impact on your big day. It sparkles and glows so well under any lighting when you wear any clothing.

Crystal bridal jewellery encompasses many types of jewellery. It includes all the main types of jewellery like crystal bridal bracelets, crystal bridal sets, crystal bridal rings and crystal bridal hair accessories. So you might chose a Crystal headband and a crystal cuff bracelet for your big day. There are many styles of crystal bridal jewellery that you can chose, you really are spoilt for choice!

If you want help choosing your crystal bridal jewellery drop us a line here and we will do allwe can do to help you chose the best crystal bridal jewellery.


2011 has been a great year for wedding jewellery. Supply has been ample, and selection even more so. 2011 has seen the rise of bolder, more bling hair accessories, and more importantly hair headbands.

The Hair headband has been increasing in supply, style and selection. It has been a definite addition in recent bridal fashions, and has essentially replaced the hair tiara.

Looking at 2012, this trend will continue, and we expect more styles to come through in the coming year. The hair tiara may have a seeing, but with the headband as a serious contender, it is hard to call!

Love, Shefaly

22 March

Summer bridal costume jewellery

Brides are now out in force looking for the perfect finishing touches to their summer wedding. So what type of finishing touches are we looking at? Well there is of course the essential reception bits and bobs but more importantly bridal accessories like bridal handbags and bridal costume jewellery.

The type of bridal costume jewellery we are looking at ranges so much with brides at the moment.You are looking at bridal hair accessories like a crystal headband.There also bridal earrings   like crystal chandelier earrings or there are small crystal earrings for the dainty bride. Also remember the bride should have something sparkly on her hand apart from the ring ofcourse so as a bride she may be looking for a crystal bracelet.

Summer is well and truely on its was with lots of sunshine on its way tomorrow. So all you brides really should start thinking about your costume jewellery for your summer wedding.


26 November

Hair accessories for all hair lengths

Hair accessories can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your outfit, whether its used as wedding jewellery, Christmas jewellery or prom jewellery. But many people think that hair accessories cant be used on short hair for example as you cant tie your short hair up. But you sure can use just about most hair accessories with most hairstyles and lengths. Hair accessories are generally very versatile and so can be used for all sorts of hair.

With short hair you can use hair accessories. Hair accessories are often the answer to how to add a different look to your hair on a big event, since many short styles you cant do much else with it. You can wear a stunning crystal headband, or a small hair clip for example.For mid length hair you can use a small hair comb or hair claw on the side of your head to make this length look stunning.For long hair you reallly are spoilt for choice since you can have any style of hair and use any typr of hair accessory depending on the look you are going for. You can use stunning hair pins in a bun, or you can use a sparkly hair band on a ponytail.

You really are spoilt for choice now when it comes to hair accessories, especially with many people now even using things like necklaces and brooches as hair accessories. You can now even get indian hair jewellery to add a little twist to you hair, so you can wear a hair tikka for example which would look stunning.


9 September

Twitter and WordPress join forces!

So we have finally connected our wordpress to our twitter page and you can receive all our very informatove and fun facts about costume jewellery and fashion jewellery as well as what the Shefaly Team are up to on our Twitter updates!

Have a look at at to see all our new wordpress feeds or for all our latest updates.


28 June

Statement cocktail rings for summer 2010

We all know that statement costume jewellery is still so in fashion, but this summer your main fashion accessory should be the statement cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a great way to finish your outfit off and any cocktail ring would go with any outfit.

Cocktail rings are so prominent in so many music videos at the moment like Keri Hilsons new video and also in Pixie Lotts new video. Have a look out in both their videos for their large cocktail rings which really do make a statement.

Cocktail rings are a great piece of bridal jewellery too. You can wear it with your stunning sleeveless wedding dress or on top of your wedding gloves for true Hollywood glamour.


15 June

Beautiful bridal costume jewellery

Bridal season is well and truly here, and all you brides are looking for your stunning bridal jewellery and costume jewellery for your big day. Well you are spoilt for choice now, especially with the many different designs and styles you can wear as your bridal jewellery now.

What do you wear as your bridal jewellery then? Well as far as costume jewellery goes you can go for stunning chandelier earrings. You can wear a beautiful cuff bracelet with it or you can even go for a cocktail ring. Bridal jewellery really does depend on what you decide to wear on your big day and what theme your wedding is.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery and wedding jewellery, why not write your comment below and we and our readers will help you as much as possible.


So you’re looking for hair accessories for your upcoming wedding or for as prom jewellery. What can you use as your hair accessory then? You got your normal hair jewellery like hair combs and hair slides, but have you ever thought about wearing a headband?

I know what you are thinking, head bands, aren’t they like so 1980’s? Well not if you go for something like the Crystal burst headband. These types of head bands have been made ever so popular by the likes of Cheryl Cole who wore a very similar on X-factor last year. They make great bridal hair accessory or prom jewellery.

And the great thing is, whether you like gold jewellery or silver jewellery, the Crystal Burst Headband comes in both platings!


Hair jewellery has recently become the must have accessory; from head bands to hair slides, they are the accessory you should have.  But how do you know if you should wear hair jewellery on your big day or not? Well there are a few simple rules that you can follow to see if you should wear them or not.

Hair jewellery can look fabulous against your sparkly gown. But if you are wearing a veil, then wearing hair jewellery can be a little redundant. The reason being is that no one will see our expensive piece of hair jewellery. However if you decide to take your veil off later on in the day then maybe a small hair slide or hair pins would look great. Or if you aren’t wearing a veil maybe a tiara or a large hair slide or a crystal head band would be the way to go.

If you have any ideas on how to wear hair jewellery on your big day, let our readers know below.


17 March

Sparkly costume jewellery for any occasion

Costume jewellery doesn’t need to be all about beads and tribal wear. Costume jewellery nowadays is more about sparkly costume jewellery. This is costume jewellery made from crystals like Swarovski crystals and Austrian crystals or glass.

Sparkly costume jewellery can also be used as wedding jewellery as it adds a bit of red carpet glamour to your outfit. Sparkly costume jewellery can be items like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and for wedding hair jewellery tiaras.

Sparkly costume jewellery can also be worn as everyday jewellery or work jewellery if you find the right piece of costume jewellery. This can be small crystal earrings or a dainty crystal bracelet for example.