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6 February

Heart jewellery

Valentines day is all but 7 days away and since you are probably only just thinking about what costume jewellery you are going to buy as Valentines day present we thought we would help you along with what we think would be the best costume jewellery present and so fitting for Valentines day this year.

Heart jewellery can make a fantastic Valentines day gift especially since hearts is the main theme of Valentines day. Heart jewellery is a great way to show the woman in our life how much you love her. So what type of heart jewellery can you buy? Well you could buy a stunning heart necklace like a pink heart necklace. Or you could buy her a stunning gold heart necklace and earring set which would really impress her.

If you dont think hearts are her thing then why no buy her a stunning pair of chandelier earrings or a beautiful cocktail ring? Or better still, buy her all three and really score some brownie points.


1 February

Valentines gifts for men

With 14 days exactly to Valentines Day, have you bought your Valentines day gift yet for your man. Nowadays Valentines day is for men just as much as women. And so you should start thinking about Valentines Day gifts for the man in your life too. So what can you buy when it comes to costume jewellery for your man?

Well what is better than a pair of sparkly crystal cufflinks? They suit more or less any man in your life, whether its for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. Crystal cufflinks can be worn to work or on a special occasion and they are the type of gift that would last for years to come, maybe even worn on your wedding day!

Costume jewellery isnt just for women, its for men too and crystal cufflinks are a great present for that special man in your life, whether its your husband that you have been married to for many years, or your first date.