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14 May

Product of the week : crystal earrings

We haven’t written a blog in a while but now that we are we want to start off with our product of the week! Crystal earrings. We have chosen this as our product of the week as its one of the most versatile and elegant pieces of costume jewellery available. As far as costume jewellery goes this is one of the best pieces Of costume jewellery that can be used as wedding jewellery prom jewellery.

Crystal earrings come in many different sizes shapesdesigns and colours. Our favourite type of crystal earrings are chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can be worn to any event as wedding jewellery or as prom jewellery or even as evening jewellery. We also like small crystal earrings like small crystal studs and small chandelier earrings.

Crystal earrings can help dress up anyoutfit at any time. If you want to wear crystal earrings as wedding jewellery or special occasion you can do as you are really spoilt for choice as to what type of crystal earrings to wear.

Wedding season has well and truely begun and with our tonne of invites to Spring and Summer weddings we have chosen crystal cuff bracelets as the must have accessory to wear to any wedding, or any summer event that you may have to attend. Crystal cuff bracelets are this years must have costume jewellery piece.

Whether it is your own wedding jewellery that you are looking for or if youa re attending a wedding or summer event like a summer ball or summer prom you have to wear a crystal cuff bracelet. Crystal cuff bracelets are a stunning piece of costume jewellery as they can match more or less any outfit, and if a crystal one doesnt then go for a coloured bracelet like the Garland of crystals cuff bracelet.

Cuff bracelets look great to barbeques, weddings, weith maxi dresses or shorts, more or less any outfit or any occasion calls for a crystal cuff bracelet. So go on, spoil yourself today with a beautiful piece of hand jewellery.


Yes, thats right, Shefaly hair jewellery to feature on BBC’s strictly come dancing 2010! Shefaly has been providing hair accessories and costume jewellery to the show for 4 years now, with amazing PR around it as well.

Main items will feature on the team, and the hair stylist will place the items into the celebs! Shefaly will be sure to to try and attend a few of the shows!

Thanks to the SCD team for choosing Shefaly. Costume jewellery at its best- and with a bling!

Shefaly X

The LA premier of “Salt” took place yesterday and the stars were out in true Hollywood style and they looked amazing. There was of course Angelina Jolie who was the true style star of the night, with Brad Pitt on tow as well as her brother James Haven and previously estranged father Jon Voight.

Lie Schrieber was there too with his partner Naomi Watts as well as Kristen Cavallari from the “Hills” showing a lot of cleavage. Angelina Jolie wore a stunning Armani dress and a beautiful black crystal snake bracelet, the same as the one that Shefaly sells below. And then there was Naomi in stunning crystal jewellery, with a beautiful crystal bracelet.

The stars love their costume jewellery and look stunning in it. Why don’t you get star style with Shefaly costume jewellery?


So you’re looking for hair accessories for your upcoming wedding or for as prom jewellery. What can you use as your hair accessory then? You got your normal hair jewellery like hair combs and hair slides, but have you ever thought about wearing a headband?

I know what you are thinking, head bands, aren’t they like so 1980’s? Well not if you go for something like the Crystal burst headband. These types of head bands have been made ever so popular by the likes of Cheryl Cole who wore a very similar on X-factor last year. They make great bridal hair accessory or prom jewellery.

And the great thing is, whether you like gold jewellery or silver jewellery, the Crystal Burst Headband comes in both platings!


Necklace and earring sets can be worn on just about any occasion, whether it’s your own wedding day, someone else’s wedding day, a special evening out or for your birthday celebration. But as far as costume jewellery goes our recently introduced a new costume jewellery necklace and earring set called Crystal Beauty Necklace and Earring set is the most elegant costume jewellery you could get

This comes in two more colours, pink and champagne. Made from acrylic stones and Cubic Zirconium crystals, this set can really add extra glamour to any outfit. And because the colours are very demure it really is a very elegant set. The acrylic stones earrings make sure that the earrings are not too heavy (as would be the case with Swarovski stoned earrings) and therefore are great for those of you who cannot tolerate heavy earrings. The necklace can fit on any neck size as it is adjustable with a lobster clasp at the back. Try pairing it up with a gorgeous cocktail ring or bracelet to really stand out on you special occasion. If you require any more details on this or any of our products please do contact us


15 September

Product of the week: Chandelier earrings

We all love costume jewellery, but my favourite has to be chandelier earrings. As far as costume jewellery goes, chandelier earrings, for me, are the must have fashion accessory for anyone to have, and you really can get enough of them.

Whether they are crystal chandelier earrings, black chandelier earrings, or our new and exclusive range of chandelier earrings in bronze, these crystal earrings would match just about any outfit whether it’s as bridal jewellery or as prom jewelry, or even as evening jewellery.

So for this week, our top pick is chandelier earrings as your must have piece of costume jewellery. Go on, spoil yourself!



25 August

Crazy over cocktail rings

We are going crazy over cocktail rings at the Shefaly right now. Cocktail rings are such a versatile piece of costume jewelry as they can be worn as everyday wear costume jewellery, party costume jewelry, prom costume jewelry, receptions, evenings out and bridal costume jewellery.

They make a great accessory to any outfit or dress! The cocktail rings come in all types of sizes, from small rings, to large statement cocktail rings, and are made from Swarovski, Austrian or Czech crystal depending on the costume jewellery ring. 

They are adjustable and will fit any ring size! Our costume jewellery ring range is so large, we are confident that you will find a stunning cocktail ring for yourself or your partner and can really make a great first impression!


19 August

Cocktail rings on trend again

With next seasons fashion all about big shoulders and extravagant shoes, the next thing to hit the catwalks with regards to fashion accessories and costume jewellery was cocktail rings- and the more cocktail rings you wear the better it seemed!

But you don’t have to break the bank and spend hundreds of pounds on cocktail rings and costume jewellery to keep up with the trend. Shefaly stocks such beautiful and elegant crystal costume jewellery, in particular cocktail rings, that look like they are straight off the catwalk!

Try the Mish Mash in champagne cocktail ring or the flower power in black cocktail ring for true statement cocktail rings.


20 July

Celebrity costume jewellery

Many celebrities obtain high quality gold and costume jewellery from diamond house, but others such as the girls aloud and Paris Hilton opts for high street and online fashion jewellery store.

These range from companies such as the House of Jewels, to fashionjewelleryonline, as well as the brand Mikey. Don’t be fooled into thinking these online fashion jewellery stores are small. They have the latest fashion trends to due to the high volume, low price sales models they operate under. This is the reason they can offer celebrities free jewellery as gifts (with the added benefit of seeing their products at the hottest party events during Christmas and the New Year.

Key products spotted by our scouts in London the last few days includes costume jewellery rings, crystal bracelets, Swarovski brooches, sparkling belts, as well as statement necklaces, and large crystal earrings.

Go one, be a celebrity this year, and pick up a great piece of fashion jewellery online today!