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We see Kate was wearing a lovely and glamorous pearl set today during the Queens birth day celebrations. Pearl sets are all the trend, and can be worn by the young and the old, as seen by the Queen and the Duchess!

Pearl sets compliment outfits which a neutral and pastel in colour perfectly. Nothing really is better then a nice earring and necklace pearl set, and they don’t have to be real pearls to make the impact you want.

Love, shefaly

19 July

Pearl costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours. But pearl costume jewellery seems to be that timeless piece of costume jewellery that will forever be on trend whether it is used as costume jewellery for everyday wear or a bridal jewellery. Pearl costume jewellery is a great way to accentuate any outfit for any occasion.

Pearl costume jewellery comes in many different styles and colours (obviously because it is faux pearl). You can wear small pearl studs. Or a stunning pearl bracelet or a beautiful pearl set like the Pearl string necklace and earrings set. Any of these pearl costume jewellery pieces can be worn for any occasion whether as bridal jewellery or as work jewellery or as evening jewellery.

Pearl costume jewellery is a timeless piece of jewellery and if you take care of it you really can make it last forever. You could even pass it down to your daughter to wear on her wedding day as her bridal jewellery.


Wedding jewellery is all about sparkle. White wedding jewellery is all about the bride. What do we mean by white jewellery? Pearls of course! Pearl wedding jewellery adds that elegance to the bride, and completes that outfit for the one and only special day for any bride to be.

Pearl jewellery can come in a variety of colours, as you get whote pearls and ivory fresh water pearls. This can be infused into hair jewellery for the bride, or into some delicate or grande earrings, toped with a perfect necklace to suit that neck line!

Pearl hair accessories are also a great addition. It could be a pearl head band, Pearl tiara or pearl hair slides and pearl hair jewellery. For great pearl ideas visit this link.

Lets not also forget the all be diamonds!

Love, Shefaly

Wedding jewellery is just as important as your wedding dress, and therefore choosing your wedding jewellery is just as important. And it’s funny because you don’t really find many people writing about the best way to choose your wedding jewellery and it’s so important to have these tips.

The first thing we would say is to choose your wedding dress first. Once you got this, then you are ready to choose your wedding jewellery. Your wedding dress will dictate the type of jewellery you will have. Then decide, whether you want pearl jewellery or crystal jewellery, and again this will be dictated by your wedding dress. Finally think about what type of hair accessories you want to wear, tiara, side hair comb, hair slide?

Once you have decided on the above, you have chosen your bridal jewellery successfully. Then you can go and chose your wedding handbags or wedding shoes!


10 February

Pearl costume jewellery for next season

Pearl costume jewellery is one of those must have accessories for ever girl to have,and this season sees a whole lot of pearls coming on the scene on the high street and catwalks. However not everyone can afford real pearls, so why not try pearl costume jewellery instead.

Faux pearls have a gorgeous quality about them, and to be honest those who aren’t in the know won’t know the difference! They have a cream undertone to them, but so do a lot of real pearls. In addition, many faux pearls also come in many other colours, so you can really match it to any of your outfits. However, if you go for the traditional cream coloured pearl costume jewellery, then they really will give you a completely different look.

Keep a look out on our website, as we are bringing in a whole new collection of pearl costume jewellery this season. It’s the hottest accessory to be seen in this season so make sure you get your pearl costume jewellery to be so en vogue!


30 January

Pearl costume jewellery for the coming season

Pearl costume jewellery has always been a very fashionable and elegant piece of costume jewellery for ladies of all ages, but this coming season pearl costume jewellery is the costume jewellery to be seen in. Pearl costume jewellery not only looks elegant and sophisticated but it can also look very sexy.

Pearl costume jewellery can come in many shapes sizes, styles and colours. So if you are wearing it as your wedding jewellery you could go for a pearl necklace and earring set, like a single pearl pendant and earrings. Or you could go for a pearl choker set. This can be a large set or a small set, depending on what your own personal style is.

Pearl jewellery is huge for the coming season, so go ahead and make a style statement this season by going for pearl costume jewellery to accessorize your outfit with.


27 December

Pearl brooches for your hair or lapel!

Pearl brooches are a fantastic piece of costume jewellery whatever age you are. If you are an older lady, pearl jewellery can look so refined and elegant if placed on the lapel of your favourite jacket, or used to pin up your scarf or pashmina. Pearl brooches can also make a great gift.

Pearl brooches can also be used as a hair accessory either as bridal hair jewellery or as everyday hair jewellery. Since hair accessories are the must have accessory this season this is a great way to make your hair looking sparkly and beautiful. Add it to the side of a chignon or on flowing locks and you really will make an impact.

If you have any other ways that pearl brooches could perhaps be used for why not tell our readers below.


12 November

Brooches for fashion

Fashion and costume jewellery has a whole host of brooches. Colours, finishes, and prices all vary, but its really what your taste and style is, and remember, brooches are back in fashion!

Brooches can be made from crystal, pearl and even diamonds. Quality brooches are made from high quality metals, or white gold. You can even get plastic brooches from many high street stores, but these lack the quality and finishes one expects.

You can find them in a variety of colours too. From lovely pinks, great bronzes and purples as well as blacks and pearl or faux pearl.

Shefaly House of Jewels, hight street, and other etailers have great collections. But, whats the most important is that brooches have so many uses. You can wear on a jacket or suit, on a shirt, even put in your hair, wear as a pendant or even glam up a plain handbag! Thats a lot of use, so pick one that you can see works best!

Brooches are also great xmas gifts, and we even gift wrap for free!!! excellent!

Love, Shefaly

Pearl Jewellery is a must for all guests, but make sure its not outdoing the bride!

Whats great about delicate pearl based jewellery is that it looks elegant and sexy with minimal effort! And, we are not talking about real pearl sets, we are talking faux pearl!

You can also get a whole collection of other pearl accessories to help your outfit look stunning, such as pearl rings, pearl brooches and bracelets. In fact you can even get faux pearl handbag if you like!

But, make sure you are not out doing the bride, or the bridesmaids (thats just a no-no!).

There are many reputable companies which sell faux pearl items, and rest easy, each item should cost no more that £40, so that a great price!

Love, Shefaly