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1 November

Top 5 tips on choosing Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is not any easy item of fashion accessory to choose for anyone, whether you are choosing it as a Christmas Present, as wedding jewellery or as a treat for yourself. Thats why we decided to put together a top ten tips on choosing costume jewellery. Its a helpful guide on how best to chose your costume jewellery based on what your needs are when looking at costume jewellery for that special occasion or for that special person. So here are our top ten tips on choosing costume jewellery:

1. What are you buying costume jewellery for? Think about what you need the costume jewellery for that you are buying. Is it for a Christmas present for your mum or girlfriend? Is it as a piece of wedding jewellery for your special day? are you looking for prom jewellery?

2. Think about what colours would suit the person you are buying the costume jewellery for. If its for Christmas costume jewellery, think about red costume jewellery and green costume jewellery as well as gold costume jewellery since it embodies the colours of Christmas.

3. What type of person are you buying for? is the person flamboyant? then you could purchase some chandelier earrings for example. Or if the person is quiet shy look for maybe a cute cocktail ring or small swarovski crystal earrings.

4. If you are looking for wedding jewellery think about the colour and theme of your wedding. If your theme is vintage then maybe go for vintage wedding jewellery, like vintage earrings or vintage necklace.

5. If you are looking for costume jewellery for a special man in your life for example your dad or your boyfriend have you thought about getting them a gorgeous pair of crystal cufflinks. They are designed by Shefaly House of Jewels and they are unique and exclusive.

We are here to help you chose your costume jewellery whatever the occasion so if you are stuck on what to chose as costume jewellery then drop us a line here by email or call us and we can see if we can help you chose the right piece of jewellery.


14 May

Product of the week : crystal earrings

We haven’t written a blog in a while but now that we are we want to start off with our product of the week! Crystal earrings. We have chosen this as our product of the week as its one of the most versatile and elegant pieces of costume jewellery available. As far as costume jewellery goes this is one of the best pieces Of costume jewellery that can be used as wedding jewellery prom jewellery.

Crystal earrings come in many different sizes shapesdesigns and colours. Our favourite type of crystal earrings are chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can be worn to any event as wedding jewellery or as prom jewellery or even as evening jewellery. We also like small crystal earrings like small crystal studs and small chandelier earrings.

Crystal earrings can help dress up anyoutfit at any time. If you want to wear crystal earrings as wedding jewellery or special occasion you can do as you are really spoilt for choice as to what type of crystal earrings to wear.

12 December

Our top picks of Costume Jewellery for 2011

Costume jewellery has been a real on going trend in the fashion world this year with many of the fashion houses showcasing their new costume jewellery on the catwalks or some even releasing their debut costume jewellery lines. But what are the best picks for costume jewellery this year? With so much choice you sure do need some guidance on the right costume jewellery for 2012.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to costume jewellery. One of our top picks for costume jewellery for 2012 is the Cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a great accessory to any outfit and can be worn night or day. Our next best pick of costume jewellery is Cuff bracelets. Cuff bracelets are great as wedding jewellery or as party jewellery as they add a bit of glamour and elegance to your look. We also love Chandelier earrings. They really are great as bridal jewellery when you want to add a bit of bling to your outfit or as Party jewellery. You have so much choice when it comes to chandelier earrings too, the can be smaller in size or larger.

When it comes to costume jewellery you have a real great range to chose from, with so many colours and styles that you really cant go wrong with what you choose to wear.


22 November

Costume jewellery for this Christmas

If you go to the shopping centres now you will see all the clothes shops packed full of this seasons goregous Christmas gowns and stunning costume jewellery to match. Whatever dress you decide to wear to that all important work Christmas party or to any other occasion this Christmas, your costume jewellery is what is going to really make or break the outfit.

Costume jewellery is a great way to accessorise that little black dress, or red dress or anuy dress or outfit to be honest. It can add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. Whenit comes to costume jewellery you can really wear any type of costume jewellery it just all depends on your own personal taste. So you could pair that little black dress with a stunning pair of chandelier earrings, or go all out and wear something like the Crystal Belle Necklace and earring set. You could even wear a beautiful crystal cuff bracelet and a stunning cocktail ring.

Costume jewellery can come in many different sizes, shapes and styles and so can suit anybodys personal taste. You just need to buy what you feel comfortable wearing and what is appropriate for the occasion.


17 October

Shopping of Winter Wedding Jewellery

We’ve had a look of sun and hot weather recently but just by looking at todays weather and the forecast for the rest of the week, autumn is well and truely on its way. But both autumn and winter make for great seasons to have a winter wedding, and you are also spoilt for choice when it comes to your winter wedding jewellery for more reasons than one. Winter weddings are becoming a real trend for many people.

Winter weddings are great as you get to wear alot of winter wedding jewellery that you wouldnt otherwise be able to wear in summer weddings as it would be too hot to wear say a crystal necklace and crystal earrings and crystal bracelet for example. As summer wedding jewellery that would just feel like too much crystal jewellery to wear in the heat if you arent used to it. But as winter wedding jewellery it would be perfect, and with a winter wedding theme, say a christmas theme or a winter wonderland theme you really can make your wedding jewellery look sparkly and on trend.

Stunning winter wedding jewellery is the way to go whether you are attending a winter wedding or if you are a winter bride yourself. Try opting for chandelier earrings and crystal swarovski bracelet. This pair makes for great crystal bridal jewellery and you will be sure to look stunning.


I know, I know! But you have to remember that Christmas is literally around the corner. Work parties are being organised as well as people thinking about Christmas presents for loved ones. Well we thought we would write a little blog on Christmas costume jewellery and also christmas costume jewellery presents as there are many people who are already thinking about what outfits to wear to different occasions that may be lined up or what costume jewellery presents to buy loved ones.

Christmas generally encompasses the colours gold, red and green and many people aim to stick to these colours for their party outfits. So many people might be looking for red costume jewellery or green costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery to match their outfits. But you can also go for non christmassy colours like black and purple if you want to follow current trends in costume jewellery and block colouring. The same is true for costume jewellery presents. Although many people either opt for crystal costume jewellery as a present or perhaps black costume jewellery to be on the safe side, it might not be a bad idea to add a bit of colour to your costume jewellery presents by buying colourful cocktail rings for example.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery for a christmas event or even as a costume jewellery present drop us a line below and we will do all we can to help you decide on what is the best costume jewellery for you to choose.


1 August

Asian bridal jewellery – whats new?

Asian bridal jewellery comes in different styles and designs more so than any other type of bridal jewellery. Asian bridal jewellery is glamorous and very beautiful costume jewellery that is truely for someone who really wants to stand out.

So what type of Asian Bridal jewellery is in fashion. Well still in fashion is statement costume jewellery thats used as asian bridal jewellery. Statement costume jewellery is made from large crystals and are large designs that look beautiful with asian outfits. But anyone can wear asian bridal jewellery whether you are an asian bride or not.

Many asian brides add accessories like armbands and hair tikkas to their outfits which really finishes the asian bridal look off. Just rememeber big, bold and beautiful when choosing your asian bridal jewellery.


20 July

Vintage costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in so many different styles and colours and can be used at many different occasions including as wedding jewellery or evening jewellery. But Vintage costume jewellery seems to have seen somewhat of a revival in the last few years. But what do we mean by vinatge costume jewellery?

Vinatge costume jewellery is costume jewellery from yesteryear. By this we mean costume jewellery from back in the day like the 40′s, or even earlier like the 20′s or 30′s. You can tell costume jewellery that is vintage because you it looks antique, as if it where designed and made in a different era. So for example, our range of vintage costume jewellery includes the vintage crystal hair slide¬†or the bouquet of crystal brooch. These pieces of costume jewellery¬†look like something your grandma would have worn.

Vintage costume jewellery is a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit. It really adds a beautiful twist to your wardrobe especially if you wear vintage costume jewellery as your bridal jewellery.


18 July

Bridal jewellery at its best

Bridal season is well on its way this summer and many brides are still on the search for their bridal jewellery. And so too are many guests since weddings are paractically occurring every weekend this season. So what sort of bridal jewellery should you be seen in this summer, what are the bridal jewellery trends?

Well as most bridal jewellery goes, crystal jewellery is the best type of bridal jewellery. Crystal jewellery is a great accessory for any bride whatever type of dress she is wearing. So as bridal jewellery you could wear crystal bracelets, crystal earrings or a crystal set. As a guest to a wedding you can be a little more daring. You can go for coloured crystal jewellery like a blue bracelet or pink earrings depending on what you are wearing and what you are trying to macth your accessories to.

The main thing for any bride, or for any lady for that matter, is to make sure you are wearing what you feel comfortable in and what you know you will look good in whether it is statement jewellery or smaller jewellery.


Bracelets are a must have costume jewellery accessory whether you are looking at chunky bridal cuffs or delicate dainty bracelets. Bracelets can be used for so many different occasions including being used as bridal jewellery, prom jewellery or as an evening accessory. But how do you chose which beautiful bracelet is best for you and for the occasion that you need it for?

Bracelets come in so many different shapes sizes and styles that you are truely spoilt for choice. For example as bridal jewellery you can wear a beautiful cuff bracelet, or a pearl bracelet if you are wearing pearl costume jewellery. When it comes to prom jewellery you are again spoilt for choice especially since our bracelets come in so many different colours. So you can match your prom outfit to your prom costume jewellery. This is a great way to buy your bridesmaids costume jewellery too.

Since there are so many chic and elegant costume jewellery bracelets out there we werent lieing when we said you really are spoilt for choice. But if you need help choosing your stunning crystal bracelet, drop us a line.