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1 August

Asian bridal jewellery – whats new?

Asian bridal jewellery comes in different styles and designs more so than any other type of bridal jewellery. Asian bridal jewellery is glamorous and very beautiful costume jewellery that is truely for someone who really wants to stand out.

So what type of Asian Bridal jewellery is in fashion. Well still in fashion is statement costume jewellery thats used as asian bridal jewellery. Statement costume jewellery is made from large crystals and are large designs that look beautiful with asian outfits. But anyone can wear asian bridal jewellery whether you are an asian bride or not.

Many asian brides add accessories like armbands and hair tikkas to their outfits which really finishes the asian bridal look off. Just rememeber big, bold and beautiful when choosing your asian bridal jewellery.


26 November

Hair accessories for all hair lengths

Hair accessories can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your outfit, whether its used as wedding jewellery, Christmas jewellery or prom jewellery. But many people think that hair accessories cant be used on short hair for example as you cant tie your short hair up. But you sure can use just about most hair accessories with most hairstyles and lengths. Hair accessories are generally very versatile and so can be used for all sorts of hair.

With short hair you can use hair accessories. Hair accessories are often the answer to how to add a different look to your hair on a big event, since many short styles you cant do much else with it. You can wear a stunning crystal headband, or a small hair clip for example.For mid length hair you can use a small hair comb or hair claw on the side of your head to make this length look stunning.For long hair you reallly are spoilt for choice since you can have any style of hair and use any typr of hair accessory depending on the look you are going for. You can use stunning hair pins in a bun, or you can use a sparkly hair band on a ponytail.

You really are spoilt for choice now when it comes to hair accessories, especially with many people now even using things like necklaces and brooches as hair accessories. You can now even get indian hair jewellery to add a little twist to you hair, so you can wear a hair tikka for example which would look stunning.


22 October

Diwali costume jewellery

Diwali, the festival of lights, is on the 5th November this year. Its a special time of year because everyone gets all dressed up and goes to each others houses to wish everyone a happy new year, since Diwali is seen as the hind new year. So what are girls going to wear as their costume jewellery this year? Whats in trend when it comes to asian costume jewellery and how can you get the look?

Costume jewellery is costume jewellery at the end of the day whether its indian costume jewellery or european costume jewellery. So why do we differentiate between the to? Well indian costume jewellery is a lot more big, statement, colourful and altogether bling. This diwali is no exception. This diwali wear a pair of statement earrings, or a statement cocktail ring. These can be any colour, literally, since your indian outfit will be just as colourful. You can even wear a hair tikka, which is authentically indian costume jewellery. Even a finger ring or what indians call a panja which is a ring attached to a bracelet would look stunning this diwali.

If you have any ideas of what costume jewellery our readers can wear this diwali, why not drop us a line below and share your thoughts?


So the weekend is looming and so is Katy Perry’s wedding to Russell brand in exotic India. From what we have heard is that it will be a full on Indian wedding with elephants and indian clothing and what we were wondering was if Katy will wear indian costume jewellery. Well if she is having an indian exotic theme wedding she will definitely be wearing indian costume jewellery we think. But what type of costume jewellery should  she wear?

Well as far as indian costume jewellery goes there are alot of trends and styles available, and it really does depend on what type of dress and colour theme Katy Perry is going to have. Nowadays alot of indians have weddings that have a european twist to it so the bride would wear a white dress with an alternative indian feel to it with crystal bridal jewellery as their costume jewellery. Or if the bride decides to have a traditional asian wedding then the bride can go for a full on red and gold costume jewellery, to match their red dress with gold embroidery. And then there is a change of outift for the reception and for this you can have just about any colour costume jewellery.

We cant wait to see the photos from Katy Perry’s wedding to Russell Brand. Keep a look out on our blog for the photos from the wedding.


A brides big day is so important and therefore so is the wedding costume jewellery that she chooses. Not only is the dress and the shoes important, but your wedding jewellery is just as important as it really does finish your outfit off: you cant walk down the aisle without a pair of earrings on or a cuff bracelet now can you. But what should you chose on your big day? How do you know what type of costume jewellery is going to look best?

Well you really need to start by looking at what type of dress and what theme you are having for your big day as this will really dictate your bridal jewellery on your big day. So if you are having an extravagant wedding and you like your bling, then why not go for crystal costume jewellery? Crystal costume jewellery can look stunning when it shines so beautifully in the light. And it doesnt have to be large earrings for example, unless you want them to be large chandelier earrings, but you can go for small studs like the crystal flower earrings.

Or if you are going for an indian themed wedding (like Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s upcoming wedding- which we cant wait for!) then you can go for asian wedding jewellery. This costume jewellery thats large, colourful and so ornate.


2 April

Costume jewellery trends in 2010

Costume jewellery is an important part of your overall look when it comes to dressing up whether it’s for your wedding day and you are choosing wedding jewellery or whether it is for an exciting evening out. Costume jewellery is a dominant theme on all the catwalks and we are going to give you the low down on what trends can be seen this year.

Costume jewellery still seems to be following the trend of statement necklaces. This can incorporate big stones and big jewels or large flower motifs for example. The large the better when it comes to costume jewellery and statement necklaces. This year again is all about chandelier earrings and the Indian style of jewellery that comes with it. This is about colourful costume jewellery and you are bang on trend this season.

But always remember, after seeing what’s on the catwalks and what’s on the high streets, your own personal style will always be incorporated into any look you are looking at creating.


10 March

Indian jewellery

Indian jewellery is the same as Asian jewellery. Indian jewellery is colourful costume jewellery that is worn on special occasions like Indian weddings or Indian parties. Indian women like to wear bright colourful clothes to special occasions and so wear matching Indian jewellery.

Indian jewellery trends at the moment encompass mainly statement costume jewellery. So you will see a lot in Indian women wearing chandelier earrings, large bracelets and large necklace and earring sets. These are teamed up with stunningly embroidered handbags, or crystal handbags.

If you would like to get some Indian jewellery but unsure as to what you would like to buy please drop us a like here at the house of jewels and we would love to help.