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This week we have chosen crystal bracelets as our product of the week. Crystal bracelets are a great accessory for any outfit and what with the Awards Season in full swing now you are definitely going to see stunning crystal bracelets on all the celebrities as well as a full array of costume jewellery.

Crystal cuff bracelets come in many different sizes shapes and styles. The most popular at the moment is the crystal cuff bracelet that has really taken off. Crystal cuff bracelets add a touch of glamour to any outfit including when worn as wedding jewellery, or as prom jewellery. The great thing about crystal bracelets is that they come in a variety of colours also so they can be matched to more or less any outfit. They also match so many different types of costume jewellery whether statement costume jewellery is simple costume jewellery.

Costume jewellery itself is a great way to glamorise your outfits and you can’t go wrong with stunning crystal bracelets. These paired with a beautiful handbag can really make you look like you are off to one of this year’s spectacular awards ceremonies.


16 January

Golden Globes 2012 Costume Jewellery

At last nights Golden Globe Awards the stars came out in style in their gorgeous gowns and costume jewellery. But there was one thing in common, that there was a minimal amount of costume jewellery. The actresses were wearing stunning gowns and so over accessorizing the gowns would be an instant fashion faux pas. So what jewellery did we see the stars in during this years Golden Globes?

Intricate bracelets, bright rings, large earrings and statement necklaces were the accessories of choice at the Globes. The looks we saw on the red carpet can be recreated without having to spend all that the stars do on their costume jewellery. So you could buy the Crystal Goddess earrings to get Jessica Albas look and add the crystal beauty bracelet to finish the look off. You have plenty of options when you are looking for statement costume jewellery . You can even just opt for a statement cocktail ring which will really add elegance to any outfit.

Statement jewellery is still a current trend, but any costume jewellery when kept minimal can make you look like one of the stars on the red carpet, and add a stunning handbag to really finish your star style look off.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have come back from their honeymoon ready for their first official engagement that took place today at Buckingham Palace where they met the Obamas. But Kate is a true style icon now and as we saw she wore high street from top to toe. Her dress was from Reiss and shoes from LK Bennett.

But what about her costume jewellery? We havnet heard much in terms of where her necklace is from. She wore a statement gold necklace and carried a small black clutch handbag from Anya Hindmarch. These two fashion accessories also make her a favourite amongst us commoners as they are piece of costume jewellery and a clutch handbag that is easily affordable by most of us.

We love Kate Middleton here at The House of Jewels as she has remained grounded with her style even though she is a Royal now. Cant wait to see what else she wears in the years to come.


8 August

Bridal Handbags for the perfect wedding

Shefaly now sells bridal handbags from its sister website – Shefaly Handbags Co. The handbags on the site are exclusive to Shefaly and come in all types of shapes and sizes.

The quality is what you would expect from Shefaly, as is the size of the collection! There are more than 600 handbags available, with worldwide shipping, and UK shipping is free of charge on the handbag site!

Many colours are availble. From whites to off whites, and greens to reds. Be sure to take a look at the shefay handbag site when looking for your bridal handbag.

Love, Shefaly

18 October

Bridal handbags

Handbags are a great fashion accessory but it’s even more great and gorgeous as an accessory on your wedding day. Bridal handbags can accentuate your costume jewellery as well as your stunning wedding dress so chose your bridal handbag with care and attention.

I guess the bridal handbag you decide to go for depends mainly on your dress and your costume jewellery as this is what you are going to see on your big day. You could also take into account your shoes as well if you are really paying attention to detail. You could go for an ivory bridal handbag if your dress is ivory in colour and your bridal handbag could be covered in stunning crystals if you have crystal costume jewellery.

Or you could hold a white bridal handbag if you have a pure white dress. This would lo do fabulous and really create a finished look to your entire outfit. For those of you going for an alternative, contemporary look go for a red evening handbag or a black evening handbag to stun all your guests!


30 September

Elegant Handbags for all occasions

Classy handbags can be a stuggle to find. Do you vist like 30 retailers on the highstreet to find the best match for your oufit?

The internet has revolutionised many businesses, and the way we think. By searching on google or yahoo you can find almost anything, from anywhere in the world.

Searching for bridal handbags, evening handbags or elegant handbags can be a massive task. But, if you give into google you can find the perfect bag, and it could be with you in days!

Many webretailers offer next day delivery, and often there stocks are much more diverse and larger than retailers due to the lower costs of housing them. What even better, is that there are bargains to be found! You can find them to be much cheaper then in the highestreet! Finally, you can also be sure to turn up to that party, and the lady next to you not having the same handbag from the highstreet! (try ordering from an overseas website for the unique touch!)

Next time your out looking, try the web first!

Love, Shefaly

17 September

Crystal costume jewellery today

Crystal jewellery can be worn on many different occasions. It can be worn as wedding jewellery, prom jewelry or Christmas party jewellery. The great thing about crystal jewellery is that it really does help you stand out in a crowd, and on most occasions this is what you want, especially if you want that someone special to notice you ;)

Crystal jewelry can come in many different colours. This is great if needing crystal costume jewellery as bridesmaids jewellery as then you can match the bridesmaids dress to the bridesmaids costume jewellery, whether its hair accessories or bridesmaids handbags. The other great thing about crystal jewellery is that it sparkles gorgeously in any light and can look stunning on absolutely anyone!

So buy yourself some crystal costume jewellery today and stand out in the crowd!



2 September

Bridal handbags

Handbags are a great way to accessorise your outfit, especially when it comes to bridal handbags for your big wedding day. Bridal handbags are as essential as costume jewellery or hair accessories on your big day.

Bridal handbags come in many different styles, shapes and colours, choosing your bridal handbag is all up to personal choice and obviously what your dress and your costume jewellery looks like. So if you have an ivory dress you could go for a stunning gorgeous ivory handbag.  How gorgeous would it look with your stunning costume jewellery!

Whatever fashion accessory, costume jewellery or bridal handbag you chose, just wear it with style and you are bound to look a million dollars on your big day!


Evening handbags can be a really sexy addition to any outfit and can finish your look off in true style, especially if the colour is matched to your costume jewellery. There are many types of evening handbags and the one you choose really depends on what sort of look you are going for and what type of costume jewellery or wedding jewellery you are wearing.

The perfect evening handbag for a night out to a club or bar would be something that’s quiet demure and not too imposing. So you can wear a pair of jeans and a top and finish the look off with a great black clutch bag or a gorgeous silver handbag

But because evening handbags are so versatile the same hand bag can be worn if you are going to a Christmas party or to a ball.  If you decide to wear a little black dress to such an occasion a colourful handbag can really look fabulous, especially if matched to your costume jewellery.

Finally, don’t forget your bridal handbag. For your wedding you would most probably want a white, cream or ivory handbag. Or for the contemporary bride, why not try matching your wedding handbag to your costume jewellery and go for something with colour, like a gold handbag?


12 July

Bridesmaid’s costume jewellery

Image courteousy of Jewellery By Anixi

It’s not only the bride who has to think about what costume jewellery she will wear on the big day. The bridesmaids are not only a really essential necessity to any wedding day, but you have to make sure they look gorgeous in their stunning dresses and costume jewellery. They all need to wear what they are comfortable in. The bridesmaids can defiantly go for colourful costume jewellery if they are wearing colourful dresses. Purple is a very in colour for spring and summer so you could try some gorgeous purple jewellery.

Or for your bridesmaids handbag, go for a handbag that matched their dress like a gorgeous pink bridesmaids handbag.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to your handbags and costume jewellery for your bridesmaid’s jewellery.