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8 November

Hair accessories for Christmas

So what are you thinking of wearing as your costume jewellery for your Christmas party this year? Crystal bracelets, chandelier earrings, cocktail rings? Well have you thought about the accessory that most people end up forgetting is a great piece of costume jewellery, thats hair accessories. Hair accessories are the forgotton piece of costume jewellery that really does make a difference.

Hair accessories can really make a difference to an outfit espcecially since they are so overlooked by people as well. Hair accessories can come in many different forms. The most popular type of hair accessory at the moment is the crystal headband. Crystal headbands are very popular as wedding hair jewellery. But they also look great as a Christmas party hair accessory. Theres also smaller hair accessories like the crystal hair slides which would look great to a Christmas work party, or can even be great as children’s hair accesories. To make it more Christmassy why not buy red hair accessoires or green hair accessories.

Hair jewellery isn’t expensive either thats what makes it such a great piece of costume jewellery. It can be bought for a few pounds and then added as someones Christmas present, or as a secret santa gift, and can look like you spent a fortune on it.



1 August

Asian bridal jewellery – whats new?

Asian bridal jewellery comes in different styles and designs more so than any other type of bridal jewellery. Asian bridal jewellery is glamorous and very beautiful costume jewellery that is truely for someone who really wants to stand out.

So what type of Asian Bridal jewellery is in fashion. Well still in fashion is statement costume jewellery thats used as asian bridal jewellery. Statement costume jewellery is made from large crystals and are large designs that look beautiful with asian outfits. But anyone can wear asian bridal jewellery whether you are an asian bride or not.

Many asian brides add accessories like armbands and hair tikkas to their outfits which really finishes the asian bridal look off. Just rememeber big, bold and beautiful when choosing your asian bridal jewellery.


22 December

Costume jewellery for girls in Christmas

Costume jewellery isnt just for us older ladies, its a great little gift for the little girl in your life whether its for your duaghter, niece or granddaughter. Costume jewellery can make a great Christmas present or birthday present, but what type of costume jewellery is suitable for little girls?

Well you could always go for the obvious like a necklace or a pair of earrings, but the greatest little costume jewellery accessory for a little girl is hair accessories. They look stunning against long or short hair, plaited or pony tailed hair. Hair accessories wise, pony bands are a great present, as are little hair claws and little hair slides.

Costume jewellery for girls at Christmas or at any time of the year will make any little girl in your life really happy as girls love sparkly things, and especially sparkly jewellery. And besides, it will keep the little angel out of your jewellery box, for a little while anyways.


Costume jewellery doesn’t only have to be for women or for men. Nowadays a lot of accessories in children’s clothes stores or on online costume jewellery shops are aimed towards children. This has shown an ever increasing trend to buy costume jewellery for children’s, whether it is for a girl’s birthday present or as a christening present.

Children’s costume jewellery can come in many different varieties. There can be children’s bracelets, children’s earrings or children’s necklaces. At Shefaly, we specialise in children’s hair jewellery. Our tiny hair claws are especially great as children’s hair jewellery. Or there are our hair slides like our little crystal daisy hair slides.

However the great thing is our hair accessories are great as children’s jewellery but also for you!


So you must be thinking about your Christmas presents for this year if you havent already bought them. And with Christmas around the corner, if you havent bought your Christmas presents yet then you really need to make a move on.One great idea for a Christmas present is Children’s costume jewelleryChildren’s jewellery can make such a great and special gift, and it really doesnt have to be expensive.

Children’s jewellery is such a great way to make any child feel special.And as far as costume jewellery goes, you can buy all sorts of children’s jewellery. For example, crystal studs are a great present for girls of all ages.They look stunning on Christmas day!Then there is the ultimate in costume jewellery which is hair accessories. You can little girls a cute butterfly kirby grip, or a crystal hair slide, all which look stunning on girls of all ages. Little girls also love costume jewellery like bracelets and necklaces.

Children’s jewellery has come a long way since the days of our mums putting in black kirby girps in our hair! And with childrens loving things like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, buying little girls more adult type sparkly childrens jewellery is a great treat at Christmas as a Christmas present.


22 January

Vintage costume jewellery

Vintage costume jewellery can be defined as costume jewellery that is from a bygone era. However, since we are not all lucky enough to have gorgeous vintage costume jewellery passed onto us, why not buy some vintage costume jewellery.

Vintage costume jewellery is something every woman should have at least one piece of in their wardrobe. And you can find so many types of vintage costume jewellery on line nowadays, from vintage necklaces, to vintage earrings and vintage rings.

You will get superb pieces of costume jewellery of every shape, size and colour just have a look at our website to show you a selection of vintage costume jewellery that would be great as wedding jewellery or as party jewellery. So go ahead, add some costume jewellery with that little black dress of yours and watch others go green with envy.


7 January

Silver Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. These range from colourful reds, pinks and amber blues, to antique, silver and gold.

Out of all of these, the most popular is the crystal costume Jewellery. This is because, originally the name costume jewellery was given to bright and bold pieces, today that is now regarded mainly as silver costume jewellery. People who wear this range from an ever growing amount, formally it was simply extravagant, rich and excentric individuals. Today, as it is more common, it is brides, bridesmaids, girls on a night out, or just a piece of subtle jewellery for work! Brides wear it as part of their outfit such as a crystal brooch, or crystal bangle, or even a statement necklace or statement earrings. Bridesmaids benefit from the colour approach, and this can match the dress, such as baby pink or light blue.

Silver costume jewellery is fashionable, and even classifies as fashion jewellery in today’s high street. Large companies such as Swarovski have truly revolutionised this industry, and allowed the extravagant jewellery acceptable and marketable to the everyday lady alike.


10 December

Children’s costume jewellery

Nowadays it’s not just us adults who love costume jewellery. With the advent of movies like High School Musical and the hit Disney show Hannah Montana, boys and girls alike are loving dressing up whether they are going out to a friend’s house, or just down the shops with mum! Children’s costume jewellery is getting even more popular, and can make a great gift too.

There is a huge range of children’s costume jewellery out there. One very popular piece of costume jewellery is gorgeous sparkly hair accessories. These can be hair slides which have an ornate jewel on it, or a pony holder in a shape of a daisy. Even hair bands make a great accessory with party dresses. They can have gorgeous crystals all the way around it and can come in many different colours.

Or how about a little dainty necklace and earring set. The sunflower necklace and earring set range at the House of Jewels is great for little girls, whether worn as a set or even just as earrings and a necklace separately. Or a very pretty butterfly necklace and earring set can be stunning too.

Even cocktail rings can make a wonderful accessory or a gift. Children love colourful accessories and a cocktail ring can be an excellent addition to a little girl’s jewellery box. Especially since they are adjustable to fit any ring size too!

Why not look at for dazzling hair accessories or even who has some great children’s jewellery too. Or just have a look at Shefaly | House of Jewel’s stunning range of hair accessories. And with Christmas being so close, this can make fabulous stocking filler!


30 November

Childrens Christmas Jewellery, good idea?!

Kids love xmas, and xmas is all about family. But will children like costume jewellery for xmas?! Well, the quick answer is if you have a girlie girl, then she will love a pink hair accessory, which she can wear on the day or can wear to all the parties over the festive season!

Shefaly house of jewels create beautiful jewellery gifts. These are for all ages, and, well for all people, kids to grandparents. Our website is comprehensive and branded by the best. Take a look at our gifts collection, and you will find a host of ideas!

Its all about the sparkle, and we at the House of Jewels like to do our bit with a piece of crystal!

Love, Shefaly