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22 October

Diwali costume jewellery

Diwali, the festival of lights, is on the 5th November this year. Its a special time of year because everyone gets all dressed up and goes to each others houses to wish everyone a happy new year, since Diwali is seen as the hind new year. So what are girls going to wear as their costume jewellery this year? Whats in trend when it comes to asian costume jewellery and how can you get the look?

Costume jewellery is costume jewellery at the end of the day whether its indian costume jewellery or european costume jewellery. So why do we differentiate between the to? Well indian costume jewellery is a lot more big, statement, colourful and altogether bling. This diwali is no exception. This diwali wear a pair of statement earrings, or a statement cocktail ring. These can be any colour, literally, since your indian outfit will be just as colourful. You can even wear a hair tikka, which is authentically indian costume jewellery. Even a finger ring or what indians call a panja which is a ring attached to a bracelet would look stunning this diwali.

If you have any ideas of what costume jewellery our readers can wear this diwali, why not drop us a line below and share your thoughts?


A brides big day is so important and therefore so is the wedding costume jewellery that she chooses. Not only is the dress and the shoes important, but your wedding jewellery is just as important as it really does finish your outfit off: you cant walk down the aisle without a pair of earrings on or a cuff bracelet now can you. But what should you chose on your big day? How do you know what type of costume jewellery is going to look best?

Well you really need to start by looking at what type of dress and what theme you are having for your big day as this will really dictate your bridal jewellery on your big day. So if you are having an extravagant wedding and you like your bling, then why not go for crystal costume jewellery? Crystal costume jewellery can look stunning when it shines so beautifully in the light. And it doesnt have to be large earrings for example, unless you want them to be large chandelier earrings, but you can go for small studs like the crystal flower earrings.

Or if you are going for an indian themed wedding (like Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s upcoming wedding- which we cant wait for!) then you can go for asian wedding jewellery. This costume jewellery thats large, colourful and so ornate.


28 September

Asian bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery comes in many different styles shapes and sizes, and asian bridal jewellery is no different. Asian bridal jewellery can come in many different sizes, some necklaces and sets being so large and heavy you would think how do women wear these!? Then you have the unique pieces of asian bridal jewellery that is only seen within this category of bridal jewellery and thats things like finger rings or panjas and hair tikkas which is a hair accessory.

So asian bridal jewellery is generally red and gold jewellery, but nowadays crystal and silver is also very applicable since many asian weddings now dont incorporate the traditional colours of red and gold. Asian bridal jewellery isnt only for indian weddings but it can also be worn to english weddings as well especially if you have an asian wedding theme.

If you want help choosing your asian bridal jewellery then drop us a line here and we will give you as much help and advice as we can.


27 September

What’s new in the world of wedding jewellery?

Wedding jewellery, like costume jewellery, also has ever changing trends and styles. Not only can wedding jewellery come in different shapes and sizes, but also in colours and designs so if you are planning a wedding and thinking about buying wedding jewellery think about what’s new in the world of wedding jewellery.

At the moment wedding jewellery lovers and trend setters are still looking at statement pieces of wedding jewellery to really finish your wedding outfit off. So you can go for statement hair accessories, like a head headbad like the crystal burst headband, or you can go for statement earrings like chandelier earrings like the vintage crystal earrings. Also, a real trend in wedding jewellery at the moment is vintage wedding jewellery, pieces of wedding jewellery that remind you of the 1940′s perhaps or Marilyn Monroe style of costume jewellery.

Whatever you decide to wear as wedding jewellery on your wedding day, just remember that this is your wedding day, and it should be your style of wedding jewellery that you should wear and feel comfortable in.


9 September

Twitter and WordPress join forces!

So we have finally connected our wordpress to our twitter page and you can receive all our very informatove and fun facts about costume jewellery and fashion jewellery as well as what the Shefaly Team are up to on our Twitter updates!

Have a look at at to see all our new wordpress feeds or for all our latest updates.


30 August

Jewellery for Eid – now in stock

Shefaly House of Jewels, has a great collection of jewellery just for Eid 2010. There are many colours available, and the delivery is quick! But, be sure to order soon, as time is running out, and stocks will run low very quickly!

Shefaly Jewellery is also now available at, this new retailer sells designer Jewellery and hair accessories to a worldwide market, and we are happy to be connected with this new retailers and wholesaler!

Love, Shefaly

29 August

Bollywood Jewellery in the UK

Bollywood jewellery is all about the bling, the colour and the sparke. It is essentailly more detailed costume jewellery, with serious colour!

Bollywood jewellery itself may not even be made in india as one may imagine. The beaded items, and bangles are often made in india, but the crystal and sparkle jewellery is often made in eastern Europe or even China!

Shefaly House of jewels has based many of its designs on bollywood, but none of the jewellery is from India! That does not mean that in the future this will be the case, but for the timebeing its swarovski and czech crystals all the way!!



30 June

Beautiful bridal jewellery from Shefaly

Wedding season has well and truly started and for all you wedding belles you are going to have the most fabulous summer this wedding season. But what to wear as your bridal jewellery when it’s this hot !? After all you have to consider the hot sizzling weather when buying costume jewellery.

Why are we talking about the weather when it comes to your bridal jewellery you ask? Well in this extreme heat who can consider wearing costume jewellery. But you have to when it’s your wedding day right. So why not trying to make it a little understated like instead of wearing a necklace wear chandelier earrings and cocktail ring. Or a cuff bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Bridal jewellery is beautiful, and it so can be when it comes to your beautiful summer bridal jewellery and you can find all you want at


17 May

Black costume jewellery for weddings!?

Costume jewellery comes in many different shapes, sizes styles and colours. But so many people dictate what styles and colours of costume jewellery you should wear to your wedding or to any event really. But we say don’t be led by what the magazines and people say to wear to your wedding or any occasion.

One of those colours that is seen as a faux pas to a wedding is black. Black costume jewellery and black wedding jewellery is a great way to put your own stamp on your wedding day. You can pair up a white dress with black lace detail with black chandelier earrings and black bracelet and have your bridesmaids in satin black dresses. See, you can already imagine a fairytale wedding!

Black costume jewellery can also be worn to evening events like New Year’s parties or dinner parties, so black costume jewellery can be used over and over again, unlike other coloured costume jewellery.


13 May

Wedding jewellery for white weddings

Wedding season is well and truly here now and most brides are at the moment frantically looking for the right wedding jewellery and bridal accessories for the ever so big and important day. Many of you might even have bought your bridal jewellery ages ago and now feel like you want something different.

Well as far as wedding jewellery goes Shefaly stocks the most comprehensive type of costume jewellery. For our white wedding why not go for crystal wedding jewellery like crystal bracelets or crystal earrings. This is great for white weddings as you would look like a real ice queen.

You should wear what you feel comfortable in when it comes to your wedding jewellery as you want to look fabulous on your big day.