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1 August

Asian bridal jewellery – whats new?

Asian bridal jewellery comes in different styles and designs more so than any other type of bridal jewellery. Asian bridal jewellery is glamorous and very beautiful costume jewellery that is truely for someone who really wants to stand out.

So what type of Asian Bridal jewellery is in fashion. Well still in fashion is statement costume jewellery thats used as asian bridal jewellery. Statement costume jewellery is made from large crystals and are large designs that look beautiful with asian outfits. But anyone can wear asian bridal jewellery whether you are an asian bride or not.

Many asian brides add accessories like armbands and hair tikkas to their outfits which really finishes the asian bridal look off. Just rememeber big, bold and beautiful when choosing your asian bridal jewellery.


Wedding season has well and truely begun and with our tonne of invites to Spring and Summer weddings we have chosen crystal cuff bracelets as the must have accessory to wear to any wedding, or any summer event that you may have to attend. Crystal cuff bracelets are this years must have costume jewellery piece.

Whether it is your own wedding jewellery that you are looking for or if youa re attending a wedding or summer event like a summer ball or summer prom you have to wear a crystal cuff bracelet. Crystal cuff bracelets are a stunning piece of costume jewellery as they can match more or less any outfit, and if a crystal one doesnt then go for a coloured bracelet like the Garland of crystals cuff bracelet.

Cuff bracelets look great to barbeques, weddings, weith maxi dresses or shorts, more or less any outfit or any occasion calls for a crystal cuff bracelet. So go on, spoil yourself today with a beautiful piece of hand jewellery.


The LA premier of “Salt” took place yesterday and the stars were out in true Hollywood style and they looked amazing. There was of course Angelina Jolie who was the true style star of the night, with Brad Pitt on tow as well as her brother James Haven and previously estranged father Jon Voight.

Lie Schrieber was there too with his partner Naomi Watts as well as Kristen Cavallari from the “Hills” showing a lot of cleavage. Angelina Jolie wore a stunning Armani dress and a beautiful black crystal snake bracelet, the same as the one that Shefaly sells below. And then there was Naomi in stunning crystal jewellery, with a beautiful crystal bracelet.

The stars love their costume jewellery and look stunning in it. Why don’t you get star style with Shefaly costume jewellery?


6 July

Summer 2010 costume jewellery

Summer 2010 is finally here and before you know it, it will be over so make the most of it by wearing what’s in fashion this summer. Whether that’s a maxi dress, daisy dukes or short skirts, pair these up with stunning costume jewellery to really make you look ready for summer 2010.

So what costume jewellery would match your summer 2010 wardrobe? Well like we said the big fashion trend this summer is the maxi dress. Pair up long necklaces with deep cut necks, and cuff bracelets and cocktail rings with long sleeved maxis. When it comes to daisy dukes and short skirts with stunning tanks tops, wear armbands, chandelier earrings and cocktail rings to really finish the look off.

The colours for this summer’s main fashion trends seem to be, the more colourful the better! So pair this up with colourful costume jewellery and you are good to go.


19 April

Arm jewellery : the new accessory

Costume jewellery and wedding jewellery has come a long way, and recent trends of statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings are all well and good and look stunning, but the altogether new trend in the fashion jewellery ring is arm jewellery. Arm jewellery is an up and coming trend and many people have already caught onto this.

Arm jewellery can be many different styles, shapes and sizes, including even wearing bracelets and necklaces as arm jewellery.  But there are also armbands which are specially designed to be worn as arm jewellery. Arm bands are a great accessory as wedding jewellery or party jewellery and even prom jewellery. Armbands come in silver or gold and are a great look when looking for Grecian jewellery.

Arm jewellery is the next big fashion accessory and this has really started to catch on. If you want to be ahead of the trend and get your arm jewellery now.