12 November

Brooches for fashion

Fashion and costume jewellery has a whole host of brooches. Colours, finishes, and prices all vary, but its really what your taste and style is, and remember, brooches are back in fashion!

Brooches can be made from crystal, pearl and even diamonds. Quality brooches are made from high quality metals, or white gold. You can even get plastic brooches from many high street stores, but these lack the quality and finishes one expects.

You can find them in a variety of colours too. From lovely pinks, great bronzes and purples as well as blacks and pearl or faux pearl.

Shefaly House of Jewels, hight street, and other etailers have great collections. But, whats the most important is that brooches have so many uses. You can wear on a jacket or suit, on a shirt, even put in your hair, wear as a pendant or even glam up a plain handbag! Thats a lot of use, so pick one that you can see works best!

Brooches are also great xmas gifts, and we even gift wrap for free!!! excellent!

Love, Shefaly

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