28 November

Brooches as a Christmas present.

Costume jewellery is a great gift any time of the year but even more so at Christmas time. There are many types of costume jewellery that you can give to a loved one as Christmas present whether it is for the woman or the man in your life. But one of the best presents you can get for the woman in your life is a Brooch. Whether they are crystal brooches or pearl brooches, brooches are a great present.

Brooches can be worn on the lapel of a coat. They look very elegant and can add a touch of class to the outfit. If the lady in your life likes a bit of bling go for something like the Glamorous Crystal Brooch which will really add a bit of sparkle this Christmas. If the lady you are buying for prefers something a little more understated try the Elixir pearl brooch simple, elegant and small it really is for the more demure lady. Then for the animal lovers out there you have the Crystal Lizard brooch which is oh so sexy as well.

Some of our brooches also come with a hook behind it where you can lace through a chain and so the brooch can also be worn as a pendant on a chain. That makes is two presents in one! Brooches really are a great gift for Christmas when you are looking for something a little different, a little elegant and a little beautiful.


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