25 April

Brooches and the fashion uses of them

Brooches have a wide range of uses. From placing a lovely crystal brooch on a dress for that perfect finish, to taking it off and adding it to a handbag for adding glamour to a plan evening handbag! Further, they have their wide uses as to when they can be used, such as a small dragon fly at work to compliment your jacket, to a large Catherine wheel brooch to add glam to an evening dress or for a cocktail party!

Dont forget that a brooch also has its place in marriage. All brides should take that extra step and use brooches to finish the bridal look, along with a tiara and set!

Brooches range from small simple black ones, to large bold ones in multicolour shouting SEE ME! They type that you like is the best advice, don’t ¬†wear one that you are not comfortable with, but do wear one!!! Its the growing fashion trend from the 70′s.


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