18 July

Bridal jewellery at its best

Bridal season is well on its way this summer and many brides are still on the search for their bridal jewellery. And so too are many guests since weddings are paractically occurring every weekend this season. So what sort of bridal jewellery should you be seen in this summer, what are the bridal jewellery trends?

Well as most bridal jewellery goes, crystal jewellery is the best type of bridal jewellery. Crystal jewellery is a great accessory for any bride whatever type of dress she is wearing. So as bridal jewellery you could wear crystal bracelets, crystal earrings or a crystal set. As a guest to a wedding you can be a little more daring. You can go for coloured crystal jewellery like a blue bracelet or pink earrings depending on what you are wearing and what you are trying to macth your accessories to.

The main thing for any bride, or for any lady for that matter, is to make sure you are wearing what you feel comfortable in and what you know you will look good in whether it is statement jewellery or smaller jewellery.


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