18 October

Bridal handbags

Handbags are a great fashion accessory but it’s even more great and gorgeous as an accessory on your wedding day. Bridal handbags can accentuate your costume jewellery as well as your stunning wedding dress so chose your bridal handbag with care and attention.

I guess the bridal handbag you decide to go for depends mainly on your dress and your costume jewellery as this is what you are going to see on your big day. You could also take into account your shoes as well if you are really paying attention to detail. You could go for an ivory bridal handbag if your dress is ivory in colour and your bridal handbag could be covered in stunning crystals if you have crystal costume jewellery.

Or you could hold a white bridal handbag if you have a pure white dress. This would lo do fabulous and really create a finished look to your entire outfit. For those of you going for an alternative, contemporary look go for a red evening handbag or a black evening handbag to stun all your guests!


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