19 June

Bridal Hair pins

Never underestimate how important bridal hair pins are to your overall look when it comes to dressing up for your big day. Bridal hair pins can make or break the look of your hairstyle and also your dress.

When choosing your bridal hair pins you have to consider firstly what type of hair style you will have. If you have an up do you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your bridal hair pins. So you could have a gorgeous crystal hair comb on one side of your head and have crystal hair pins laced all over your hair, or one or two hair pins placed strategically on your hair to make it sparkle.

Bridal hair pins can also look good if you have a down do. If you use a lot of hair spray and maybe curl your hair you could really place a few bridal hair pins on your hair to make it look stunning.


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