10 June

Bridal hair jewellery

Hair accessories are such a great way to make you look so fabulous. But hair jewellery is so much more important when it comes to making your bridal party look stunning. So whether you are the bride or bridesmaid, or even the mother of the bride, make sure you chose your bridal hair jewellery carefully.

When thinking about what to wear on your hair as bridal hair jewellery, remember to consider your dress first and foremost. Does it have pearls on it, or crystals? Then think about the rest of your costume jewellery. Does your costume jewelry have a vintage feel about it, or does your costume jewelry have more of a romantic feel about it? Once you have considered this you can then think about whether you want to wear a hair comb, a hair slide, or maybe hair chopsticks!

If you need help choosing your bridal hair jewellery, drop us a call or email and we can help you out!



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