fashion jewellery and costume jewellery now become one

So, Christmas is not that far away now. So what type of fashion jewellery or costume jewellery gifts should you buy for friends, family and loved ones?

Well, you need to know their tastes, styles and dislikes. Furthermore, opt for those sites or stires where something comes gift wrapped for free (makes you look great, and you had to do very little!).

Fashion jeewellery is all about trends. So whatever is for sale, is in fashion, otherwise firms would be not selling it. Avoid sale items, as these are clearance, and are probably not the ‘in’ items to be buying.

Fashion Jewellery will be items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and acessories. Depending on your budget, and who you are buying for, will guide what you buy. Try to aviod very bright colours such as red and green, go for neutrals such as baby pink and light purples.

Love, Shefaly

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