19 November

Big earrings for a big night out!

Large earrings have been the range in the last few years. Big fashion and costume earrings have been seen on the catwalk, and in the clubs, but are they right for you?!

Large earrings have the usual issue, can you ears take the weight? Well, now you can find ultra light earrings, which will still look the part, and not look cheap and tacky like they have come from the $1 machine!

These earrings are in many colours, and are made by infusing rodium with a light alloy which is totally safe and nickel free, so it wont harm you or cause any rashes, unless you are one of those few who can only wear real silver or real gold jewellery!

The light big earrings can be found at many retailer and web shops. They are also found in various colour finishes, from black metal, silver, and gold finishes. Shefaly house of jewels also have them in many crystal colours, such as reds, greens and purples.

Look out ladies, large, ultra light, comfortable earrings are in!

Love, Shefaly

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