18 October

Beautiful wedding jewellery….

When you are  the blushing bride you want to have the most stunning dress, venue, shoes and most importantly wedding jewellery. A bride must have beautiful wedding jewellery, and whats classed as beautiful wedding jewellery, well thats what we are here to tell you. Wedding jewellery comes in so many different styles, shapes, designs and colours that you really are spoilt for choice so you need some guidance in choosing your wedding jewellery.

Whatever wedding dress you chose (which will be the first this you will chose over your jewellery) thats whats going to dictate what wedding jewellery you are going to chose. So if you have a plunging neckline then you are going to probably want a crystal necklace that can accentuate this plunging neckline. Or if you have a strapless gown you might want to only go for chandelier earrings to show off your beautiful neckline. Also if you have a heavily embroidered wedding gown you might want to go for lighter costume jewellery like small stud earrings or a delicate bracelet.

Wedding jewellery is also a very personal choice of costume jewellery. You might want to go with what you are comfortable in and also what matches your theme aswell.


Crystal Belle Necklace Set

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