30 June

Beautiful bridal jewellery from Shefaly

Wedding season has well and truly started and for all you wedding belles you are going to have the most fabulous summer this wedding season. But what to wear as your bridal jewellery when it’s this hot !? After all you have to consider the hot sizzling weather when buying costume jewellery.

Why are we talking about the weather when it comes to your bridal jewellery you ask? Well in this extreme heat who can consider wearing costume jewellery. But you have to when it’s your wedding day right. So why not trying to make it a little understated like instead of wearing a necklace wear chandelier earrings and cocktail ring. Or a cuff bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Bridal jewellery is beautiful, and it so can be when it comes to your beautiful summer bridal jewellery and you can find all you want at www.shefaly.co.uk.


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