Bracelets are a must have costume jewellery accessory whether you are looking at chunky bridal cuffs or delicate dainty bracelets. Bracelets can be used for so many different occasions including being used as bridal jewellery, prom jewellery or as an evening accessory. But how do you chose which beautiful bracelet is best for you and for the occasion that you need it for?

Bracelets come in so many different shapes sizes and styles that you are truely spoilt for choice. For example as bridal jewellery you can wear a beautiful cuff bracelet, or a pearl bracelet if you are wearing pearl costume jewellery. When it comes to prom jewellery you are again spoilt for choice especially since our bracelets come in so many different colours. So you can match your prom outfit to your prom costume jewellery. This is a great way to buy your bridesmaids costume jewellery too.

Since there are so many chic and elegant costume jewellery bracelets out there we werent lieing when we said you really are spoilt for choice. But if you need help choosing your stunning crystal bracelet, drop us a line.


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