3 October

Ballroom Jewellery

ballroom jewellery

Strictly come dancing on BBC1 has us all thinking about the Ballroom. But, what jewellery is best? As shefaly is one of a few suppliers to strictly for hair accessories and jewellery, we feel we are the best stop for advise!

Ballroom dancing is often fast paced, quick moving, and sharp steps. Therefore, whatever you wear, it needs to stay in place! After all, you dont want your jewellery in the way, which will break that focused concentration!

So, deep embeded hair accessories are a great glam way. These are used massively on strictly, and so they should. They will stay in place into any neat and set hairstyle. Also, hair combs, small or large can be deeply placed into the hair, on the side of a bun, or on the top of pulled or loose hair.

Colour, now this is what its about, so make sure to add a great pirce of colourful jewellery to that stunning dress. Shefaly has all the colours you could think of, and thats why we are so popular as a brand.

Love, Shefaly

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