Asian weddings have the best jewellery, and the most glamorous. But if your getting married, you want to know what the latest trend will be for the coming year, this blog is here to help, along with the useful comments of users of this blog.

Asian jewellery generally follows the same, bold colours, large set approach. But you will have the large companies launching new collections. This does not mean thats necessarily whats in fashion, as a bride needs to wear what she likes, what she sees her in when she flicks through the latest Asian Bride Magazine!

Golds, Reds, Greens are the trend. This will probably never change, as all brides will want these colours for their wedding jewellery. The styles may change, and the bride is likely to change outfits for the evening, thats when the fashion asian jewellery would come into play.

Love, Shefaly

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