28 September

Asian bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery comes in many different styles shapes and sizes, and asian bridal jewellery is no different. Asian bridal jewellery can come in many different sizes, some necklaces and sets being so large and heavy you would think how do women wear these!? Then you have the unique pieces of asian bridal jewellery that is only seen within this category of bridal jewellery and thats things like finger rings or panjas and hair tikkas which is a hair accessory.

So asian bridal jewellery is generally red and gold jewellery, but nowadays crystal and silver is also very applicable since many asian weddings now dont incorporate the traditional colours of red and gold. Asian bridal jewellery isnt only for indian weddings but it can also be worn to english weddings as well especially if you have an asian wedding theme.

If you want help choosing your asian bridal jewellery then drop us a line here and we will give you as much help and advice as we can.


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