24 October

Asian bridal costume jewellery

Costume jewellery doesn’t come as flamboyant, colourful and sparkly as when you see it in an Asian Wedding. Asian wedding costume jewellery can be very similar but also very different to English wedding costume jewellery.

Asian bridal jewellery is usually very colourful. To match the saris and suits that all the stunning women wear, they must accessorise with very colourful costume jewellery. This could be pink costume jewellery, red costume jewellery, or blue costume jewellery. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is colourful. This doesn’t only relate to women as men wear colourful outfits too and this is often paired with colourful cufflinks. This is where our beautiful and elegant crystal cufflinks come in! They look fabulous on a double cuff bespoke shirt, and look great when matched to your tie, your suit lining or even to your other halves outfit!



In addition, you will notice that the women in the bridal party or on the groom’s side will wear quiet heavy necklace and earring sets. This is so that people know that they are part of the bridal or grooms side. It also matches the really heavy outfits that the women would traditionally wear to the wedding.

However nowadays there is a tradition to for the bride to wear more English costume jewellery for their registry. This is more contemporary less bling style jewellery. This is because more and more brides are looking for a more English themed wedding, with many even getting married abroad more than ever before.



So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to an Asian wedding, there are three things to remember about your costume jewellery- bling, bold and colourful costume jewellery all the way!


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