Costume jewellery isnt just worn by the like of you and me. Costume jewellery is also worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Mischa Barton and Cameron Diaz.Costume jewllery is so versatile to wear and hence celebrities love costume jewellery.Its a great way to accessorise any outfit whether its for a red carpet event or for an evening out with the boyfriend.

So what are the current celebrity costume jewellery trends. Well as ever, hair accessories has to come in as number one as the costume jewellery trend and the must have accessory to wear. Hair jewellery can make your stand out, whether its a crystal headband or a beautiful crystal hair slide. Or you can go for the next big trend which is cocktail rings. Cocktail rings are a great accessory, whether you go for a statement cocktail ring or a small cocktail ring. Finally, bangles are a great celebrity trend.Whether you wear stacked bangles or you wear a large cuff bracelet, that is the trend to go for.

Costume jewellery worn by celebrities can cost quiet a bit. But with an online costume jewellery shop you can see that costume jewellery isnt expensive and you can get true star style.


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