1. Set a budget for your accessories and allow for a 15% leeway over your budget just in case you see the perfect pieces which are a little over your budget.
  2. Feel free to wear costume jewellery. The price for costume pieces versus the authentic equivalent is much less, and costume jewels look just as good as the real thing.
  3. Spend time looking around before you buy any of your accessories. Finding the right sparkle to finish off your outfit can often take longer than expected.
  4. It’s best to keep your costume jewellery simple: you don’t want it to compete with your dress. However, if your dress is simple, more intricate jewellery is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Choose a necklace according to the shape of the neckline. For example, square necks work well with curved necklaces so try a choker or opt for statement earrings instead.
  6. What you decide to wear on your head will be determined by your dress. The traditional silver tiara is still very popular, or opt for combs worn on the side of the head
  7. Take hair combs and hair clips with you when choosing your wedding veil. Not all wedding veils look the same when these accessories are added.
  8. Shoes are very important accessories. They need to be comfortable, non-slip and with a heel to complement both your height and the dress
  9. Be sure to take your outfit with you when shopping for the accessories. This way, you can try everything on together to get the full effect.
  10. Finally, look for jewellery that comes beautifully gift-wrapped and gift boxed. This will help you treasure your big day for years to come.

Love Shefaly X

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